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Coroner Report
Dr. Ethan's cassette recorded notes are also available in Realaudio format.

Well developed, undernourished, somewhat emaciated white female with moderate one and a half inch size hematoma to right frontal lobe of head adjacent to the temporal lobe, and a 3/4" hematoma to the left cheek bone. Evidence of multiple linear abrasions to the mid cervical area with significant inflicted trauma to the tracheal region.

Contusions were found on inner aspect of left forearm approximately 1-11/2' diameter as well as to the mid femoral amd mid crural areas of legs bilatterally of same stated size. Contusions appear yellow and faded in nature. Moderate 1" raised contusions to the outer aspect of the tarsal bilaterally noted. Ulna bone of right arm with a spiral fracture, no perforation of skin noted.

Bother inner aspects of right and left antebrachium have 4" length lacerations, approximately 1/4" deep. There is a smaller 2" laceration that crosses the larger area of the same depth. Edges of lacerations are gapping and not well approximated, however, there does not appear to be any evidence of arterial bleeding or significant exsanguination present. No evidence of recent venous bleeding from these sites.

Several small 1/2cm lacerations were found on the mid abdominal region just above the umbilical area. No contusions or hematomas were noted. These small lacerations were also found on both plantar regions of the feet.

Cigarette size 3rd degree burns were found to the right side of the frontal lobe, right cheek just above the jaw line, right cervical area and bilateral breast region. There were also 3rd degree burns to the right palmar area, lateral side of the right wrist x 2, and midline of the right forearm. The inner aspect of the thighs had multiple burns bilaterally extending to the pubic hair region of the labium major. No evidence of rape noted. There was significant excoriation of the perineal area from human excrement. There were noted ulcerations on the gluteal region.

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