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PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI, to any sheriff, policeman or peace officer in the county of Panola and accompanied by any sheriff, policeman or peace offer in the county of Lafayette:
PROOF of affadavit, having been made before me by __Detective L.C. Armstrong and Detective Terrence Nelson that there is probable cause to believe that the property described herein may be found at the location set forth herein. You are hereby COMMANDED TO SEARCH the premises located at and described as, 26160 Goodnight Road, City of Batesville, County of Panola, State of Mississippi. 26160 Goodnight Road is described as being on the East side of Goodnight Road, approximately 3.8 miles north of the intersection of Goodnight Road and Highway 6. Further described as a red and white brick three story structure in the 1830's Greek Revival style with Doric columns, and locally known as the "Cooter Estate" or "Cooter's Farm", whose drive extends for 1.2 miles east from Goodnight Road ending in a circular drive-thru in front of said structure. You are hereby COMMANDED TO SEARCH the stated premises including all rooms, basements, attics, storage rooms and areas, safes, trash containers, garages and outbuildings including other property structures located on said property within the boundaries of 3.1 miles north of highway 6 extending to 5.9 miles north of highway 6 to the east extending 1.1 miles in the easterly direction from those points, including barn located to the east, equipment shed located to the southeast, storage shed to the east and any other temporary or permanent fixtures thereto within said boundaries including fields and land, and the vehicle described as a 1996 black 4 door sport pick up model XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX license number XXXXXXX.
For the following property: items belonging to the deceased Ariadne Purity Knight, including items bearing her signature, initals or marks, correspondence, letters, notes, faxes, electronic transmissions including e-mail and Uniform Resource Locater addresses from the Internet, diaries, journals, date books, telephone records, bills, school records, forwarded correpondence, contracts, receipts, electronic storage medium, vehicles, addressed envelopes, photographs, video recordings, tape recordings, answering machine devices with tapes, or answer any telephone calls during the course of the search warrant being served, clothing, suitcases or other luggage or personal carrying devices including purses, wallets, pouches and similarly identified items. Further, this warrant authorizes search for the following property and/or evidence: plant material samples in the form of leaves, grass, blooming plants whether potted, dried or naturally growing, earth samples, forensic collection procedures including print, hair, fiber, bodily fluid, tissue sample and photographic collection and forensic sampling for evidence collection of the presence of Ariadne P. Knight, XXXXXXXXXX, XXXXXXXXXX, XXXXXXXXX, XXXXXXXXXX, as named in the affidavits here attached, and including collection of unknown samples of same for matching in the case of Ariadne P. Knight. Further to execute this warrant for any property or evidence including: illegal firearms, illegal drugs including plant material, parphenalia, processing equipment and materials for the manufacture, distribution or personal consumption use of, further to identify and record the presence, details and photograph of any legally prescribed drug encountered in the search.
Further for the following property: any scraps, forms, dust or other cuttings from lumber and building material construction including any scraps of 3/4 plywood, tools utilized in cutting or fabricating such building materials, wood screws, nails, electric or hand use drills, saws, miters, clamps, glue, carpentry equipment or manuals, directions, instructions or diagrams as pertain to the affadivits herein attached or receipts for same.
Further: for any razor, scalpel, x-acto, switchblade, knife, metal shard or other sharp cutting instrument capabable of making lacerations in human tissue and any samples of rope, twine, cord, clothesline or other similar binding materials of plastic, cloth or synthetic nature. AND TO SEIZE it if found and bring it forthwith before me, or this court, at the courthouse of this court.
GIVEN under my hand and dated this 17th of July 19 97 at 2:30 p.m.
Signature of Magistrate, Ethan J. Bowles
Judge of the Superior Court

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