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1. I, Ted Armstrong being duly sworn do depose and say as follows:

2. I am an Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff currently assigned to the Homicide Division in the capacity of Police Detective. I have been an Yoknapatawpha Sheriff Detective for 15 years, being currently attached to the detective division. As part of this assignment I have investigated numerous homicides. I have personally arrested and/or participated in the arrest of 150+ persons.

3. During the month of September this officer was called to the scene where gunfire was reported. As a result this officer came upon one Edward Arthur Pierce firing on Detective David Anderson. After several officers surrounded Mr. Pierce he then laid down his weapon and surrendered without resistance.

4. During the last six months Mr. Pierce has become the focus of the Yoknapatawpha County murder investigation of Purity Marie Knight (A.K.A. Aridne P. Knight). On the night of 17 March 1997 Edward Arthur Pierce was seen stalking Purity Marie Knight at an Ego Shovel party.

5. Threatening letters sent to Detectives of the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriffs Department during the course of the Purity Marie Knight investigation as well as letters sent to Frank and Judith Knight can be linked to Edward Arthur Pierce.

6. An informant has provided information of a diary belonging to Edward Arthur Pierce that will implicate him in the kidnaping and murder of Purity Marie Knight.

Printed Name of Affiant

Signed under the penalties of perjury


Sworn and subscribed to before


Signature of Justice, Clerk-Magistrate or Assistant Clerk Date



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