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United States District Court

Northern DISTRICT OF Mississippi

In the Matter of the Search of

(Name, address or brief description of person, property or premises to searched)
Edward Pierce


1011 Burgess Road
Oxford, MS 38655


I, _Det. Ted Armstrong____ being duly sworn depose and say:

I am a(n)_Yoknapatawpha Co. Detective and have reason to believe that ___ on the person of or X on the property or premises

(Name, description, and location)

Edward Pierce, 1011 Burgess Road, Oxford, MS one story Ranch home, with attached garage.

In the Northern District of Mississippi

there is now concealed a certain person or property, namely (describe the person or property to be seized)

Ed Pierce’s diary, building materials(wood, screws, nails, woodscrews, metal bars, hammer, screwdriver),any books on carpentry, any photographs of victim, Polaroid film, Polaroid camera, computer, typewriter, any type of writing or computer paper, victim’s University of Mississippi I.D. card, any books by Edgar Allen Poe, any music(i.e. tapes, cd’s), long black cape, black hair dye kit, red nail polish, actors face paint. Also to be seized are the items listed in detail on the Affidavit for the Search Warrant.

Concerning a violation of Title 2 Mississippi State Statute Section(s) 97-3-19 (2)(e)

The facts to support a finding of probable cause are as follows.

On 4 September 1997 Detective David Anderson received a threatening letter from an unknown person. The letter requested the presence of Detective Anderson at 3:33 a.m. in the Square. Detective Anderson showed up to find Edward Arthur Pierce armed with a handgun. Shots were fired and Detective Anderson was wounded in the shoulder. Officers responded to the scene after reports of gunfire were called in. Police who arrived on scene found Edward Arthur Pierce firing at Detective Anderson. After Edward Arthur Pierce discovered he was surrounded he laid his weapon on the ground and surrendered without resistance. On the night of 17 March 1997 Edward Arthur Pierce was seen stalking Purity Marie Knight (A.K.A. Ariadne P. Knight) at an Ego Shovel party. Threatening letters sent to Detectives of the Purity Marie Knight investigation and to Frank and Judith Knight have been linked to Edward Arthur Pierce as the author. An informant has provided information of a diary that belongs to Edward Arthur Pierce that will implicate him as the kidnapper and murderer of Purity Marie Knight.

Continued on the next sheet and made a part hereof. X Yes No


Signature of Affiant


Sworn to before me, and subscribed in my presence

6 September 1997 At Oxford, Mississippi

Date City and State

Ethan J. Bowles, Judge of the Superior Court

Name and Title of Judicial Officer Signature of Judicial Officer



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