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Anderson, David
Archer, Ben
Found Body
Azeriah, Aaron
Loaned $10,00
Knight, Judith
Knight, Frank
McPhail, John
Chased the Stalker
Niblett, Josh
Saw Victim at Cooters
Owens, Matthew
Confessed Stalker
Perez, Lee
Pierce, Edward
Boyfriend of Perez
Pizer, Blaine
Ego Shovel Leader
Rohleen, Jake
Victim's Ex-Boyfriend
Stark, Kevin
Saw boy at scene
Woolworth, David
Victim's teacher
Suspect Line Up
There are two main suspects at this time: Ed Pierce and Detective David Anderson.
It should be noted that a total of fourteen persons are under investigation, and so the identification of these two as prime suspects is not a definitive term.
The actions of all persons of interest have been cross-referenced with the key information.

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