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41 It's the final day of our scavenger hunt, but there's still time to play and win prizes 03 January 2014
42 [New event] Solve the clues, find the answers, and win 27 December 2013
43 Do you know who killed Diane Coates? The detectives think they do. 18 December 2013
44 Did one of Diane Coates' secrets lead to her death? 11 December 2013
45 [New Case] Foul play or natural causes? 04 December 2013
46 Shocking arrest in the Jasmine Ledbetter murder 27 November 2013
47 Did the victim have a stalker? Review the evidence and see what you think. 21 November 2013
48 [New Case] Help us unwrap the latest murder victim 06 November 2013
49 The verdict in the Fontaine murder trial is in 25 October 2013
50 Detectives, what do you want to ask the Fontaine murder suspects? 18 October 2013
51 New videos: The detectives put pressure on Raquel Santos and Benito Flores 11 October 2013
52 New videos: See Grant Fontaine, Joey Beecher and Will Sands under questioning 02 October 2013
53 Visitor, now you can use Case Credits to get a Crime Scene subscription 25 September 2013
54 New video: The Fontaine household employees weigh in 19 September 2013
55 New video: What did Ashley and Grant Fontaine lie about? 12 September 2013
56 New case: Did detectives arrest the wrong man for Philip Fontaine's murder? 04 September 2013
57 [Crime Scene] Professor Douglas Reed's killers are in custody 30 August 2013
58 [Crime Scene] New video: Did professional rivalry kill Douglas Reed? 23 August 2013
59 [Crime Scene] New video: Did jealousy kill Douglas Reed? 17 August 2013
60 [Crime Scene] New video: What happened to Professor Reed? 09 August 2013

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