Investigating Officer(s): Det. T. Armstrong, Det. S. Murphy
Incident No.: 003511-04K-2013
Case Description: Jasmine Ledbetter Homicide Investigation

The following items were taken into evidence from the crime scene in the woods along Highway 7, south of Regional Center Drive. The scene is still being processed. Any additional evidence collected will be added to future reports.


Collected from the Highway 7 crime scene

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  • 003511-01: One (1) clear tarp, 6' by 8', that was wrapped around the victim
  • 003511-02: One (1) Kroger Plus shopper's card, recovered from underneath the body
  • 003511-03: One (1) cell phone, recovered four feet west of the victim
  • 003511-04: One (1) black purse with contents, recovered from the victim's right arm
    • 003511-04-01: One (1) pair diamond earrings
    • 003511-04-02: One(1) nametag, plastic with the name :Jasmine"
    • 003511-04-03: One (1) Square Pizza keychain with keys
    • 003511-04-04: One (1) hairbrush
    • 003511-04-05: One (1) Sharpie pen, black
    • 003511-04-06: One (1) ballpoint pen
    • 003511-04-07: One (1) fingernail clippers
    • 003511-04-08: One (1) container of hand lotion
    • 003511-04-09: One (1) wallet containing
      • 003511-04-09-01: One (1) Mississippi driver's license issued to Jasmine Ledbetter
      • 003511-04-09-02: One (1) Renasant Bank debit card
      • $31.28 cash
  • 003511-05 through 003511-06: Two (2) samples of blood collected from a leaf under the victim


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  • What makes you look at Eldridge as a suspect is many things. One of the things is his
    Childhood. a neglectful mother who was emotionally,absent,neglectful ,feelings of abandonment from his mother,who would also kick Eldridge out of there apartment. Who would then bring many men home to "entertain" Eldridge did not know his father which further the young Eldridge abandonment issues.

    The second thing is the hunting as a juvenile. Poaching animals. Researchers as well as F.B.I and other law enforcement agencies nationwide have linked animal cruelty,animal abuse, to domestic violence and child abuse or neglect. This behaviour is recognized as a mental disorder.Young Eldridge spent as several stints in a juvenile detention center for poaching crimes.

    The third thing is how the teenage Eldridge enjoyed home economics and seemed to enjoyed "sex education class. His mother's loose sexuality and the influence she had on the men she "entertained" he learned from her Eldridge like underaged girls he could easier to Influence. Eldridge was convicted for sex with a minor and sent to State prison for two years which would criminalize a yound Eldridge further
    When Eldridge was released , he move to Oxford Mississippi where he continued to be involved with's and again having influence over no.or girls with more influence by giving minors alcohol.which he was charged several times for supplying alcohol to minors according to neighbours accounts.

  • 003511-03 - are there any marks/labels to show the origin of the tarp?
    003511-03 - has it been established the the cell phone is the victims? Is it possible to check the the phone records to show she did call and leave a voicemail for Scott Knapp?

  • Is the Kroger Shopping Card registered to Jasmine?

  • Yesss, I firmly stand by my thought as well. "I believe Aldridge either has something to do with it, or did this muder his self" I just don't believe you go walking through big open places and stumble on to a dead body unless, you really have a good reason to be out there in the middle of places like that..

  • When some one gets stabbed in the stomach there would be a lot of blood and a lot of blood wasn't found at the crime scene. If Eldrige killed Jasmine for some reason he would have done it hours before the body was found by him. There was no time for him to kill and wrap her in plastic and then report the crime scene within the time frame that he and the other hunters stated, (unless the're all lying, then they are all involved with the murder). If by chance he found her alive and then killed her, what was Jasmine doing in the forest dressed in only a shirt and skirt at 6 in the morning.

  • 003511-05 did they Check the blood samples in the leaf. The victim may have killed near some plants.

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