Search warrants obtained in the Laurie Daniels homicide investigation

The detectives obtained warrants to search residences and vehicles of multiple persons of interest for evidence potentially relevant to the investigation.

Daniels case alibisInvestigators summarized the alibis for persons of interest in the Laurie Daniels homicide investigation and whether those alibis could be corroborated.

Updated places of interest in the Daniels investigationYCSD investigators have added several additional locations that recently came to light and are relevant to the Laurie Daniels investigation.

Pay phone call records from Willie's Fuel & BaitThe YCSD obtained the call records for the pay phone outside Willie's Fuel & Bait for March 29 and 30, 2014.

Forrest Burgess provided a sworn statementForrest Burgess provided a sworn statement subsequent to his second interview with Detectives Armstrong and Murphy.

A Yocona, MS resident reported vandalism he considered a threat to his life

On May 6, 2014, YCSD Emergency Services received a 911 call reporting vandalism at a residence in Yocona, Mississippi.

Diagram of neighborhood where strange egg was foundInvestigators created a diagram of the area associated with the strange vandalism incident in Yocona, MS.

Transcript of Forrest Burgess' 911 callInvestigators obtained a transcript of a 911 call placed on May 6, 2014, by a person of interest in the Laurie Daniels investigation.

License plate caught running a red light
A vehicle registered to a person of interest was captured by a red light camera near the Memphis airport on March 29, 2014.

Traffic ticket issued March 30, 2014
A person of interest was cited for speeding just before dawn on March 30, 2014.

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