Investigating Officer(s): Det. S. Murphy. Det. T. Armstrong
Incident No.: 003599-30J-2014
Case Description: Kelly Moran homicide investigation

Russell Moran provided the following list of items missing from their residence after his wife's murder.

TO:   Detectives Ted Armstrong, Samantha Murphy
Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department
FROM:   Russell Moran, Esq.
DATE:   November 1, 2014
RE:   Inventory of missing items, Moran residence

To the best of my knowledge, the following items are missing from my home.

Insurance Photo
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  • Cash from Kelly's wallet. She usually carried a couple hundred dollars on her.
  • Kelly's jewelry box. There was a diamond earring and necklace set that cost me a few thousand dollars. The insurance company will have the exact figure. Also, a dozen lesser pieces including necklaces, earrings, a brooch she inherited from her grandmother.
  • Two gold candlesticks from the dining room table. One was a foot high, the other nine inches.
  • Kelly's iPad. She usually kept it on the coffee table in the living room. Blue leather cover. No sign of the charger, either.
  • My Ole Miss sweatshirt that was hanging at the back of the closet. In case you find one, mine was light blue with faded lettering, a tear in the cuff of the right sleeve, and a pepperoni pizza stain across the bottom left in the front.

I'll let you know if I find anything else.

Russell Moran

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  • Wow, he has some general descriptions of her missing stuff but can be oh so specific about his old sweatshirt.
    P.S. I can't help but think the candle sticks are brass, not gold. If they were, they wouldn't have to work! But, it's Russell's list and description, her stuff not his sweatshirt.LOL

  • My thoughts exactly, Igillette!. He also says "MINE was light blue.".etc. Do you think that means Kelly had one too? Don't know why it would matter I guess.... just thinking. Oh, I noticed that the Jewelry Kelly is wearing in the photo the newspaper ran is none other than the jewelry listed below. Where and when did they get that photo? Wasn't that story about her death published on day one?? What do you think?

  • Interested to know why the suspect would take the sweatshirt. It's not something you'd stop to grab. Could be the suspect was using it to carry the stolen property. Also to take the iPad AND charger? The killer must've spent some time at the home.

  • Nishidatravis, my first thought on the sweatshirt was that it must contain some sort of evidence. There doesn't appear to be any blood involved or DNA it would seem. What do you think the possibility is that Russell threw that in so it would not be just Kelly's things that were taken? It seems to me that who ever did this knew what they were looking for. I'll bet the jewelry is a red herring. What the "burglar" really wanted was the Ipad... and whatever was on it.

  • Any thoughts as to why he would notice a very old sweatshirt missing from the back of the closet. Maybe he wears it on his day off? Just struck me as odd.. but it may be insignificant.??

  • Umm... Could anyone help me? PLEASE! I've tried twice to ask some questions to the detectives on this case and it won't post?!
    I'm going to ask here because I can't very well start investigating properly without this information.
    Need: Crime scene photos. Unable to view current ones in evidence. Also need the autopsy report with COD. Asphyxia due to strangulation? Toxicology report, narcotics, alcohol, etc.??
    Thanks everyone! Looking forward to solving this case with all my new friends here!
    Emily. ت

  • Emily, I may be out of turn here,but here goes...:p
    There have been some major problems with the site computers etc. I don't have the inside poop, but things have been screwy and changing format for a few months. So, what that means?....
    Try posting in the Forums section under the current case. There is usually a lot going on there. (I'm attempting to contact you here, in case.)
    We usually get more detailed info on the evidence as the case goes on; DNA, fingerprints, residue, etc. In the past, if you posted a question in "Ask the Detective" you would get answers. Not answers to thing like"who killed him', but thing like "will we get her cell phone records'. The answers seem paced to the case, but they came.
    I think part of the puzzle is roaming all over the site."Community" can help. A lot of the down and dirty hypothesis is in the Forum.
    See you there! Hope this helps, understand, I'm not in any way speaking for the site. Just my observations.
    P.S. You aren't expected to solve the crime, no one 'wins', it's the getting there!:)

  • I think Russell and Trish are involved in Kelly's murder .

  • From the MORANS' MISSING PROPERTY INVENTORY, the killer knew what he was coming for and now Russell Morgan now has a motive, Collecting insurance! The killer took her ipad, so why not her cell phone also?? And nothing of Russell Morgan’s was stolen. It’s odd that he mentioned his Ole Miss sweatshirt. The killer took things of value.

    from Trinidad and Tobago

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