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Canvass of Billee's Auto Service employees

Billee's Auto Service employee canvass

While the detectives were interviewing Billy Lee, YCSD investigators canvassed Billee’s Auto Service employees to learn more about potential connections to Veronica Smith.


Richard Hayes follow-up interview

Richard Hayes, Kenneth Lemmons' attorney

Detectives tried to schedule a follow-up interview with Kenneth Lemmons but ended up talking with his attorney Richard Hayes instead.


Dwight Kramer follow-up interview

video-2nd-dwight-kramerThe detectives re-interviewed Dwight Kramer to try to find out whether the ketamine found in Veronica Smith's body could have come from the hospital.


George O'Connor follow-up interview

George O'Connor follow-up

In light of the information uncovered during the Veronica Smith investigation, the detectives re-interviewed her husband, George O'Connor.


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