Thursday, July 14, 2011 - 2:30 PM

The witness is a 33-year-old black male who found the hidden room. He was interviewed at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff’s Department by Detectives Armstrong and Murphy. The interview was recorded with the witness' knowledge and consent.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Charley Jacobs

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  • To be fair, he was getting his lighter out and then he fell against the wall, could it have been he used his lighter to get some light in the room and when he turned around he saw the words? Cause he told the detective he couldn't read the entire writing. Also, he's known as an honest man and hard worker, why would he lie? He was just scared about what happened in my opinion.

  • Good thinking. You may have some thing there. I never thought about the lighter!!

    Great idea! :)

  • If he used his lighter to read the writing on the door, why not say that to the detective?

  • Somebody must know about the room, it was built and served a purpose after all, go back to the eighties and research the people who worked on the building, look for origional blue prints, and then make sure this was not a hoax played out by students. students know more than the staff, besides that only a ghost could write "i was killed by", or a student....

  • I think someone should have the blueprints for the place.

  • mmmmm, it's a bit too coincidental for him to fall through the door with writing on the other side. Out of all the places,. wh there? ALSO if he wanted a smoke why didn't he just go outside and do it in plain sight? why go sneaking around the house for a smoke????

  • so why was this room open its late he was brought here for some reason ,
    was there a fight lovers quarrel maybe perhaps over girlfriend with another friend his face had scrathes and the feet were severly bruised unknowingly
    the friend maybe an entanglement over a girl

  • Charlie didn't mention smoking at first. He left early after a snack, went back to the demo and didnt mention smoking. Now what I think happened is that the killer heard there were renovations happening at the uni, and he realized he had left an evidence there that would convict him of the murder once the room was found by the workers. So he contacted someone from the workers, bribed him with lots of money, told him where the room is and grab that object then inform the police about the room so that it wouldnt look suspicious when a door appears out of nowhere. If he smoked a couple of cigarretes before he "fell" on the wall, then he must have had his lighter in his hands already. He was smoking because he was nervous about what he was about to pull off. And then he smashed the wall off, went inside with the lighter found the object, grabbed it and then and went to inform the others. The coast was clear. I recommend you checked his bank accounts and phone records.

  • His arms are crossed indicating a "closed off" demeanor

    When asked "So you were walking around by yourself in a place where y'all had been demoing walls, and you just happened to lean up against one?"
    He shakes his head no but answers "yes."

  • We need to find out what the initials on the door mean. Is R.B. a person or does that stand for something else?

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