video-cherylweston-400Cheryl Weston and Kimberly Pace had been friends for years. At the detectives' request, Weston came in to the YCSD to answer some additional questions.

video-arthurbeck-2-400Arthur Beck came in for a second interview to clarify his alibi and answer some more questions about his relationship with his neighbor, Kimberly Pace.

video-pauleveans-2-400Paul Evans came in again to answer some more questions and refute some of the things people have been saying about his longtime girlfriend, Kimberly Pace.

interview-Sigma-kappa-gammaYCSD investigators interviewed members of Sigma Kappa Gamma fraternity to corroborate or refute Carter Nichols' alibi for the night of Kimberly Pace's murder.

video-carternichols-2Carter Nichols was one of Kimberly Pace's students. Detectives re-interviewed him to follow up on information that's come to light since they last spoke to him.

interview-arthurbeck-2Detective Murphy took Arthur Beck up on his offer to give her a tour of his garden.

interview-kincannonYCSD investigators interviewed residents of Cody Matthews' dorm to find out if they knew anything about Cody Matthews and his connection to Kimberly Pace.

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