Interview: JT Pendergrass

JT PendergrassAt the time Kevin Gilmore died, JT Pendergrass was married to Rhonda Pendergrass, who worked at The Juke Joint with Kevin in 1987 and now owns it.


Interview: James Mason

James MasonJames Mason knew Kevin Gilmore when he worked at The Juke Joint, and he described Kevin as a great employee and a good kid. Mason sold The Juke Joint not long after Kevin died.


Interview: Butch Weaver

Butch WeaverThe Physical Plant Director suggested detectives talk to Butch Weaver, who recently retired after 30+ years and might know about the hidden room in the Shops and Stores building.


Interview: Sue Weaver Perry

Sue Weaver PerrySue Perry was married to Butch Weaver during the late '80s. Detectives spoke to her to find out more about her ex-husband and his relationship to The Juke Joint and its employees.


Interview: Follow-up with David Anderson

David AndersonDavid Anderson was one of the 1987 investigators in the Kevin Gilmore case, and he now works as a PI. Detectives asked him to come in to go over some new case information.


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