Charley Jacobs Interview

Charley Jacobs was working a construction job at the Shops and Stores building on the Ole Miss campus when he discovered a hidden room with a "creepy" message inside.

Tomas RobardsOn his way to work on the morning of December 13, 1987, Ole Miss Physical Plant employee Tomas Robards discovered a body that was later identified as Kevin Gilmore.

detandersonDavid Anderson was one of the original investigators in the Kevin Gilmore case. He left the YCSD in 1997 and now works as a private investigator throughout north Mississippi.

carlyvideo400Ole Miss sophomore Carly Brock had been dating Kevin Gilmore for almost a year at the time of his death. She said she had not seen him for more than two days.

nickvideo400Nick Crosby has been Kevin Gilmore's roommate and teammate for the last two years. He said he knew Kevin was missing, but didn't think it was his place to report it.

Donald & Judith Gilmore 1987Donald & Judith Gilmore were devastated by the loss of their only son. They said Kevin was a good if sometimes cocky boy, and they couldn't think of anyone who wanted to hurt him.

Richie Turner 1987Richie Turner had been Kevin Gilmore's best friend since they were kids. He said he last saw Kevin on Thursday evening, when they played pool before Kevin went to work.

Buzz Dakota 1987Buzz Dakota is well-known to the YCSD as a bit of a kook, but he is not considered dangerous. He often comes forward to provide "information" about ongoing investigations.

team-interviews400In the days following the discovery of Kevin Gilmore's body, YCSD officers canvassed Kevin's teammates to learn about their relationships with him and when they last saw him.

Dr. Raymond Madison 1987Dr. Madison is the team physician for the Ole Miss men's basketball team. He worked with Kevin Gilmore to make sure Kevin stayed healthy enough to play.

Coach Brad Peterson 1987Brad Peterson is the head coach of the Ole Miss men's basketball team, and had coached Kevin Gilmore for the last two years.

jukejointpatrons400The YCSD canvassed patrons of The Juke Joint where Kevin Gilmore was employed. They were looking for anyone who may have known Kevin or recognized him from seeing him there.

jukejoint-employees400The YCSD canvassed Kevin Gilmore's boss and co-workers at The Juke Joint to learn about their relationships with him and when they last saw him.

Jason Finnegan 1987After multiple witnesses commented on Kevin Gilmore's negative relationship with Jason Finnegan, Detective Nelson decided to conduct a one-on-one interview with Jason himeslf.

Carly Brock Turner, 2011Carly Turner had some surprising revelations about what Kevin Gilmore might really have been doing the night he disappeared and how it could have led to his death.

Richie Turner, 2011Richie Turner told Detective Armstrong about a confrontation he had not long after Kevin's funeral with someone else who was close to Kevin.

interview.summaries.plantThe YCSD canvassed employees and contractors who were working in and around the Physical Plant Shops and Stores building when the hidden room was found.

Donny & Judy Gilmore, 2011The detectives re-interviewed Kevin's parents, Donny and Judy Gilmore, to find out if they'd come across any new information about Kevin's life or death since 1987.

Nick Crosby, 2011The detectives interviewed Nick Crosby, who was Kevin Gilmore's roommate at the time of his death, via Internet video chat. Crosby was in his office in Connecticut.

interviews-jukejoint-staff-followup-400The YCSD tried to find as many of Kevin Gilmore's former co-workers as possible to re-interview them about Kevin and the circumstances surrounding his death.

video-leanne-2011.400Kevin Gilmore's Aunt LeeAnn contacted the YCSD because she wanted to tell the detectives about some things Kevin said the last time she saw him.

Buzz Dakota, 2011Buzz Dakota is well-known to the YCSD as a bit of a kook, who often comes forward to provide "information." He also contacted the 1987 detectives about Kevin Gilmore's death.

interviews-juke-patron-400The YCSD tried to find as many of The Juke Joint patrons who were interviewed in 1987 as possible to re-interview them about Kevin and the circumstances surrounding his death.

bio-jill-f-2011-200*Given what she had to say, the YCSD has agreed not to use this witness's real name or likeness in public documents.

Rhonda PendergrassRhonda Pendergrass worked with Kevin Gilmore in 1987, and some witnesses say they were good friends. Today, Rhonda owns The Juke Joint.

Jason Finnegan 2011Jason Finnegan was Kevin Gilmore's teammate and rival in 1987. Back then, multiple witnesses reported that the two of them didn't get along.

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