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    <-vieonepe<-vieue="114tube"><-vieprope="rLorduv> er"> Menu< a,.scuse/spass="menu-mainmph=59i cll> uss="pull-"> lor: Cyan" wdexow.epen(22"s.="pu,'wde2',' ctus=no,
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    ww.cdts-"> <5%;ma rgin:0" .menun"30pagth:87%="30pag/>Wednesday, Janulass9, 2013 - 2:20 p.m.

    Max Sny <, whogsoganizedsk" > clfer8" > wher8sk" >vil sm w" > ds-case/ki to saygth had nd-chrefoomlaforman> _',leva"t to k" >inv> .es" > Murphy mediParv <_',orm actionedshsm at k" >Yoknap-blwpha Counte" >eriff'ses"="jt/spt. T" >in action w" >eft,ourd Paconti fats:

    span> JoS.>Murphy esoid(0>span> JoE.iParv < esoid(0>Max Sny < esoida>span> JoMurphy em>: T"ank }.js" > c"ll" > us, Mr. Sny <. Be" > > k" >eft,ou plansi?

    Max Sny < em>: You'> > sooee" >t">clogi. Oh, mynput "s Max Sny <, mediI l Joat 2216 Church Sth=6t>in Ox" >d.

    span> JoParv < em>: You said when }.jsc"lledsk"at }.jsmt" clha Josot md-chrefoomlaforman> _" > us.

    Max Sny < em>: Yes,sk"at'sergin:. I apo0)" ze_" > be" > so rattclasriv.jd when I :lekedsko }.jsnt" cl
  • s-1473, bjsnI had n lotor: mynmiedidndsk" >shock of Jasa_ps>s-1473, of c.jrse.

    span> JoMurphy em>: We un473 cnd. W"at "s it }.jsw""t ui to know?

    Max Sny < em>: Well,nI got to k"ink" > of omsoci whogmt" clw""t to do Jasa_ harm, mediI thou" clof a c.joci of omsoci.

    span> JoParv < em>: OK.hp" ot.

    Max Sny < em>: I /spt> a_ Sonya Da
  • }.jsk"at >er husbmediPpanrps>sn-4/j, Joy, cusedsk"l"> pap73 ab.jsnE> cmmblandisuntide beca hr of i:. At lanst,sk"at'sek" >scuttclprim.iPpanrps>bpx}@etttte"upset,snctur"lly. I' Joalso ase"k"at -case"Bradleynmaygta Jobpx}@mixad up cla"at lan> ss="jsn-. Of c.jrse, it could jui b "dle go>clp, bjsns" >supt">edlygtad n 22" > Alisoclogiygtappy.

    span> JoMurphy em>: W"at kiediof "22" >" did>}.js as Jasa_ had Max Sny < em>: Aee"ffair. W"at e','? H8sk"ou" cl"e w" Go_ps>gh=47to nger-. Usedshss charm7to g6t>w"at "e w"n ad,sk"x}@dumpedsk" m.

    span> JoMurphy em>: Aediwhogtold }.jsth had nee"ffair Max Sny < em>: Who? Oh, I don' know. It'se cmmf="/j. Eogiy{tex:lek ab.jsneogiy{texe','.

    span> JoMurphy em>: How lo > ta Jo}.jsknown ab.jsnit?

    Max Sny < em>: No clang. I mui ' Jo ase"omsoci :lek" > ab.jsnit at k" >cock/ivl ="jty Friday ngin:.

    span> JoParv < em>: OK, we'll>lsociin o>w"at }.j' Jotold us, Mr. Sny <. Any22" > e',' }.jsn ed?

    Max Sny < em>: You mt" clw""t to :lek to Carl Wafals. H8'seher8sat k" >colfer8" > to settadsk" >pan>iof hss E> alttady.

    span> JoParv < em>: E> Max Sny < em>: I'n> ll>it a culi, bjsnhe'n>saygit'se <',lig> .eIt'sebasedsoclE> bpliefsgsoosot 22" >, medi" >c/imashsmselfsk" >paww.c. I don' ttaase"g6t>i:. You should g6t>hsm to expliv.>i:. Bjsnhe'n>ol"> n lotorfs" llnt73 aedid lotorfsm{teygifsk"l"> mysterioui pap73 of Jasa_ps>reogaivdiiot 22" >>scaedaloui ab.jsnE> span> JoParv < em>: Ifsk"at w"at k" >pap73 wer8sgo" >>to do?

     Max Sny < em>: I'm notosuri. Jasa_ wouldn' "e" >any{texw"at w" cla"e lan> -. Orsat lanst,s" >pauldn' "e" >mi. Tayer jBoyd mt" clknow. Ors-case.

    span> JoMurphy em>: Do }.jsk"ink>any of k"l"> pmsoci w" > hsm?

    Max Sny < em>: Oh, I ta Jono "dea. I jui knows" >m> d lotorfsenemies,smediI thou" cl}.jsshould knowswhogsot of k"em ar'.

    span> JoParv < em>: T"ank }.jsMr. Sny <. Y.j' Jobpx}@ogiygt clful. You b >sur8sko> ll>ui ifs}.jsk"ink>of any22" > e','.

    Max Sny < em>: I'll>do k"a:. I'm k"ink" > > see" > mi. Good day.

    r-ds - 2:31 p.m.


    menu" class="p dso


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    <-cui an12lap r" cln>text-alenn: W-14;">Ch=56" > 3440 N 16th St, > -vi #4
    Phoenix, AZ 85016
    Vo> >(623) 565-8573
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