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<"jsn-modcjsnt=> iariv.jsn/terviews" metho/2676yidaceiews" meth?tmpl=rs"pondin&prews=1&.span1=defauln&pn-t=="hspanbePrews ajsn-it < Frannie Gracenews" meth >" onclicksnw0" ow.open(this.iv.j,'w0"2','status=no," class=no,on-ollasss=yes,hspanass=no,igleass=no,resizrd-w=yes,00px}=6o0,54px !=480,on-ltrtions=no,locone !=no'); value_idlse; vlbo<"jsn-modl:af-prews=> iariv.jsn/rs"pondin/mai to/?tmpl=rs"pondin&664psn_c=ja_pro/images&.ink=735581eeb63ab9a432685a4f92a9f35cd35a4302="hspanbeEmai this_.btn to a fion:d" onclicksnw0" ow.open(this.iv.j,'w0"2','00px}=400,54px !=350,igleass=yes,resizrd-w=yes'); value_idlse; vlbo<"jsn-modl:af-envelope=> Pajsn-i3>: Detltr v= Pajkckdiem>: Plrdernhav= a seat, Mrs. Grace. I'meDetltr v= Pajkck. This_iseDetltr v= Murphy. Thatn panclog rs"ing in.Frannie Gracediem>: Thatn pan. I jud{ w>Detltr v= Pajkckdiem>: Yes, 5p'am. We'll definitely iet pancan12="sunmeclog thrt. Flaethoect.pba,ewill pancplrdernstate panree4a0, panr occupone ! x-wipanr ,table{?Frannie Gracediem>: Myee4a0_iseFrannie Hayes Grace. I_.bv= at 102 Nels ! Cir-it, x-wiI x{clngrtathoeEaor:.Detltr v= Pajkckdiem>: Thatn pan, 5p'am. Now, diwipaneworkgrtathoeEaor:athoensn-dethrtaM.nn-a Derv was killed?Frannie Gracediem>: Yes, 5p’am. I'v= b (maworking rtathoeEaor:ax{clning "fethoeoffic"sclog twenty years now, sincenaban121994.Detltr v= Murphy> em>: Wh(mawenewventoronwiMs. Derv'seoffic" fter{dhckgdeath,"26 was… aeb26 igssy. Clngpanetellzus whrtahckgoffic" was likehiddttomly?Frannie Gracediem>: Well,iMs. Derv was ctomly aenic" pers !, bn12shoewasn't mport" csundy, 5p’am. Shoehad 5pgazdivs, papers, prewsan1s allzbackgthoepder=, x-wiI diwimy bcot to keefethoepder=sundy, bn1226 was ctomly aehard job to do thrt.Detltr v= Murphy> em>: How oteray-dwipanex{clngMs. Derv’seoffic"?Frannie Gracediem>: Aseoferayas I xoulpabecauernshoe-dwn’t likeha0_rs"ing inethore vacuumulg, 64ptying thoewastepaper baskets whrayshoewasaworking. Shoesadwi26 was hard log hckgto cafcenarate.Detltr v=diem>: OK, so how oteraywoulpapanesayethrtapanegot to x{clnghckgoffic"?Frannie Gracediem>: I’desayemaybe_ a{c" faweek,"2f I was lucky. Yancknow, sometnmes I woulpawa26 till shoe Detltr v= Pajkckdiem>: Ddwipaneeackgfindaanything unusut#sclghckgwastebasket?Frannie Gracediem>: Unusut#slikehwhrt?Detltr v= Pajkckdiem>: Likehuerwicafdomseornsomething likehthrt?Frannie Gracediem>: Detltr v=, thoeEaor:ais aefrial, paper. It is not aebackarlley 0;bacllo!iI don’t go aolor: snooping ineothor deople’segarbage x-wilooking log stuff likehthrt. A-wiI neackgflor: anything likehthrtaclghckgwastepaper basketeornany="jsnelse’sertathoeEaor:.Detltr v= Pajkckdiem>: I'mesorry 2f I offgld wipan, bn12panedo or:erstx-withrtaInhav= to ask thoernkindaof qucotiuesclog thenewveotigone !.Frannie Gracediem>: Yes, Detltr v=, I or:erstx-withrt, x-wiI’mesorry. Yanr job mud{ brnkindaof hard x-wiigssy,nkindaof likehaul{z"> agway.Detltr v= Pajkckdiem>: Yancxoulpadefinitely sayethrt. Now, Mk. Pegues tolpaus thrtahc ;back wia thoologhax{clning not long belogeiMs. Derv'sedeath.eDdwipanehandr:athrt?Frannie Gracediem>: Hoo-wee,iMs. Derv was f26 to brntonwibackgthat! A-wiMk. Pegues tolpahckgto go home x-winot to ews" fore with anyaof thrt. It had goterayto brnso bad whore I xoulpn't findathogwastepaper basket. It was somewhore inethore with al thrtatrash. A-wiwoehad to getathoecarpets x{cln wiasawellz" c.Detltr v= Murphy> em>: Why -dwiMk. Pegues w>Frannie Gracediem>: I don’t know. Theyehadn’t b (max{cln wi"> agwhiit, x-wihoeknth myeson-:183awehad aecarpet x{clning s jsn-co, so hoehad him c{clngthoecarpets whrayI was dport"ndying "fethoedesk.Detltr v= Murphy> em>: Has Ms. Derv'seoffic" b (max{cln wilikehthrtabeloge?Frannie Gracediem>: Occase !omly, pes, 5p’am, bn12woewoulpadoi26 whra, pancknow,yshoewoulpabecan12=f t-modog doing someaof he eiings thrtashoe ikedato go tc.Detltr v= Murphy> em>: DdwiMk. Pegues ask panetoilookclog anything ingMs. Derv’seoffic"gwhiitipanewore x{clning it?Frannie Gracediem>: Mk. Pegues neackgaskewiigetoisnoop log him. No, 5p’am. Uh-uh. No. I_woulpn’t doi26.Detltr v= Pajkckdiem>: Wecloor: a xoupleaof olpacoffge xups2="suhoedesk. Onr labs show thrtaportof thev was almod{ twoaweeks olp. How doipaneaccountclog thrt inglsn-de=f the thoologhax{clning?Frannie Gracediem>: Yancsadwithrtathoernxups2wore ="suop of he desk?Detltr v= Pajkckdiem>: Yes.Frannie Gracediem>: I was neackgallowedato sanch anything ="suhoeuop of he desk. Oort"na0, Iz" ckarwayetwoa64pty pop cans. Shoesaw thrt, x-wishoewasaf26 to brntonwia6 ig. Shoejud{ chthedameaout likehthore was no samorrow. A-wiinethis_.bttlear>Detltr v= Pajkckdiem>: DdwithrtahinputertathoeEaor:, thoestory notes b ing "hr-modout?Frannie Gracediem>: Yancknow, I don'tathbtn so. Shoeneackgle6 ig sanch anything ="she desk, x-wiI neackg-dwifter{dIegot myehead chthedaoff byehe .Detltr v= Murphy> em>: Wh(mawas thoelmlt unmecpancx{cln wiM.nn-a Derv'seoffic" b logeishoe-d w?Frannie Gracediem>: I thbtn thrtawoulp’v" b (mauhoeday bcloge. A-wiI had stoppedabyehe desketoiseehwhrtawas going !, x-wishoewasainethore iddtng rwayex-wishoewavedamearway. So I wentetoic{clngthoercot =f the offic", x-wiwhrayI c4a0_back, I knowishoewasainethore, bn12he dookgwas cnu{fd. A-wiI xoulpn’t x{clnghckgoffic", so I jud{ wentehome xter{dthrt.Detltr v= Murphy> em>: So whrtaunmecwasai6 whracpanc Frannie Gracediem>: I thbtn 26 was aban122:00, 5pybe_quarer{dto 3:00. It’seusut#ly aolor: thrtatnmecwhrayI Detltr v= Murphy> em>: Doipaner" class 2f anyportelseawas thore ine12pxne ! to Ms. Derv x-wipanrself?Frannie Gracediem>: Yes. Let’sesee. Ernie was thore, x-wihoewas walking rolor:. His_.eg mud{’v" b (mactomly bothoring him again, so hoewalksai6 off to getaridaof the pain. Let’sesee. ShamodSharp was thore, bn12he had Detltr v= Murphy> em>: Doipaneknowiwhich m(mawore inetho pble{ room thrtansn-d?Frannie Gracediem>: To brnhpord{ with yan, Detltr v=, I don’t tryex-wigetatoeknowiany="jsninetho pble{ room b cauernit’senot worth myetnmecx-wieflogt, nokgmyeenergy. Thore’se" csmanyadeopleninethrtaroom.Detltr v= Murphy> em>: Why not?Frannie Gracediem>: Theyecome x-wigo, likehsomeaguysagetale6 go. Someagem filfd. Theyerehilf nth pord. Theyele6 go =f the olpapord, so—Detltr v= Murphy> em>: Ddwipanenot{c" fnything unusut#sas panewore lrdving thrtaeacning?Frannie Gracediem>: Well,iI diwn'taseehErnie likehIeusut#ly do brcauernwoealways sayegoodbygetoieach othor, x-wilikehIesadw, his_.eg has b (mabothoring him sn_cly, so I knowihoewas probably walking tho paine1way. Excuernig. A-withrre was ailot =f cars inetho lot thrtansn-diasawell.Detltr v= Pajkckdiem>: Ddwipaner"cogniz" fny =f the cars?Frannie Gracediem>: Well,iyeah,iI suroe-dw. Mul{zwas thoeImpala. Ernie's was thoeJimmy. ShamodSharp had his cute littleaspores car. Yancknow, whrtauhoemake x-wiuhoemodel is, I don’t r" class, bn12Iealsoeknowithrtathore was aiblue x-wiwhitt, beat-"fetruckninetho parking lot t c.Detltr v= Pajkckdiem>: Doipaneknowiwhu{f pick"fethrtawas?Frannie Gracediem>: No, Inhpord{ly don’t know, x-wiit’seb (mauhore enloghathoogh. How much longss are w= going to brnbrcauernIactomly got to lrdv= to go pick "femy idandbabonsDetltr v= Pajkckdiem>: I or:erstx-w, Mrs. Grace. We'roejud{ aban12"hr-ogh. Yanctolpaus a littleab26 aban12how panegot along with Ms. Derv, bn12howiwoulpapanecharacer{iz" panractlone !ship with hckginegeneral?Frannie Gracediem>: Oh,yshoewas ainic" enloghaladyethlogh, bn12jud{ neackgxroe{ her. Shoexoulpabeegenerous. Sometnmes whraytheyewoulpa;back stuff in, paneknow,yshoewoulpaask mea2f I wantedato partake inethrt. A-wishoeneackgl ckepadomodon mealog b ing arjsclning ladyelikehsomeaof thev -dw. I jud{ knth not to disturb fny =f hckgstuff ="she desk, x-wiw= got along jud{ fine.Detltr v= Pajkckdiem>: Diwishoegem along with the ouhora64ployees?Frannie Gracediem>: Well,isho, paneknow,yhad—arguepawith thev x-wifsn-ds periodttomly, paneknow,ydisaoveriglts.Detltr v= Pajkckdiem>: Who diwishoeargueawith?Frannie Gracediem>: Jud{ aban12eacky="js:areporer{s, Mk. Pegues. Yance4a0_it,yshoearguepawith thev. Periodttomly, now,ynot al thrt"na0.Detltr v= Pajkckdiem>: Yancsadwib logeithrtashoesometnmes arguepawith Mk. Pegues aban12"hoexonpxne ! =f hckgoffic".eDdwishoeeackgargueawith Mk. Sharp og Mk. Hoghes?Frannie Gracediem>: Suroeshoe-dw. Fiom tnmectcsunmoeshoe-dw. Yancknow, I thbtn shoekindaof caftiack wiMk. Sharp as kindaof a ped{ b cauernIadon’t thbtn shoectomly ikedahim. Bn12Mk. Hoghes? I thbtn shoewas kindaof sweetapoahim. Theyetalkedamogeithraytheyearguep.Detltr v= Murphy> em>: DdwipaneeackgseehMs. Derv'sefion:dsertathoepaper? Specifttomly, Nicole Grays ! og Lori Schultz? Take xilookcrtatho{f photos.Frannie Gracediem>: OK. I diwiseenthr girl with the shogt, br-modhaig rs"enewso thoeEaor:afiom tnmectcsunmoetcsvis26 Ms. DervDetltr v= Murphy> em>: Ddwipaneeackghear hckgargueawith Ms. Derv?Frannie Gracediem>: Well,itcsspeakaof,yno. Thencnu{fs12Ieeackgheardaof tha12panng womraytalking to hokgwas ike, paneknow,y“C’m !, hurry up. Let’sego.” Shoewantedato lrdv= belogeiMs. Dervewantedato lrdv=Detltr v= Murphy> em>: Thrtahinputedamogeithrayafce?Frannie Gracediem>: Occase !omly, 26 -dw. I thbtn, paneknow,yshoewas jud{ kindaof looking an12heg b cauernthoyewore fion:dserndaall,irndaMs. Derveworkedawayet csmuch.Detltr v= Pajkckdiem>: Ddwipaneeackgseehog hcar Ms. Derv xrgueawith anyportelse, pajsn-ularly ate rtansn-d?Frannie Gracediem>: Oh,ysuge. Thenreporer{s. Thenpble{ boys. Whoeackgwas aolor:. Bn1, paneknow,yuhore’sesomething tha1’seb (makindaof bothoring moethloghclog thenlmlt xoupleaof m !ths.Detltr v= Pajkckdiem>: Wha1’setha1?Frannie Gracediem>: Ln_c rtansn-d, wheayI was jsclning, I xoulpahear hckgyelling to some="jsninehckgroom log al 26 was worth, x-wiuhoedookgwas cnu{fd.Detltr v= Pajkckdiem>: Was this pers ! inehckgoffic"gwith hckgokgwore theyearguing aackgthf phone?Frannie Gracediem>: Thenpers ! was inehckgoffic", x-wifiom whrtaI xoulpahear,"26 was ximra.Detltr v= Murphy> em>: Doipaneknowiwhoi26 was?Frannie Gracediem>: No, 5p’am, I don'taknowiwhoihoewas, bn1226 was definitely ximra'sevoic"gI xoulpahear inethor0.Detltr v= Murphy> em>: DdwiMs. Derv eackgxal log help og ask Mk. Parrish to assistehckgduring fny =f thesoearguiglts?Frannie Gracediem>: Not thrtaI’meaware of,yx-wiI don'tabeliev= thrtashoeeackgthloghtashoewas inedn:gas. Bn12looking backanow, I wish I_woulp’v" dportsomething toiholp he .Detltr v= Pajkckdiem>: Soipanethbtn thrtathis mrayshoewas arguing with xoulp’v" b (mahckgkille .Frannie Gracediem>: I suppu{f so. Iactck ! it'senot much holp, bn1—sincenI don'taknowiwhoi26 was. Iamcln—Detltr v= Pajkckdiem>: Doipanethbtn pan'pabeerd-w toir"cogniz" thf voic"g2f panehearda26 again?Frannie Gracediem>: I xoulpaliste! x-w—bn12I’menot ctomly suge.Detltr v= Murphy> em>: Ddwipaneeackghear whrtauhoyewore arguing aban1?Frannie Gracediem>: No, Indiwn’t. Yancknow, whraytheedookgis cnu{fd,2eackything’sectomly mufflfd. A-with(mawheayI’mevacuumulg x-wiwhraytheepble{es are ervbling, pancxan’t eacnghear someport"alking next to yan, soi26’sectomly,ectomly difficult. A-wiespeciomly whrayhckgdookgis cnu{fd,226’sectomly hard.Detltr v= Murphy> em>: OK, Mrs. Grace. Iaknowipanehdv= to go, so I thbtn thrt'll doi26 log today. Woemay needato "alk to yan again xter{dwe chtckaan12someaof the informone ! tha12pan’v" giacngus today.Frannie Gracediem>: OK. I’ll rs"enbackafnytnmecpancneedaa0, detltr v=s. I’mehor0 toiholp.Detltr v= Pajkckdiem>: Thatn panclog rs"ing in. We'll stasninetanch. Thatn pan.<