U.S. Representative Edward Hagen arrested

Multiple gambling counts; more charges may follow, officials say

Monday, December 17, 2012

By Kelly Shackleton
Oxford Eagle

Yoknapatawpha County in particular and North Mississippi on the whole were hit with a bombshell over the weekend, when local law enforcement officials announced that U.S. Representative Edward Hagen was arrested at his home Sunday on gambling-related charges.

Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department officials said evidence implicating Hagen was uncovered during the course of an unrelated investigation but declined to provide additional details, saying the investigation is still ongoing.

Sheriff's department spokesperson Elizabeth Jones said Hagen allegedly participated in illegal high-stakes poker games on multiple occasions. The games were reportedly held at The Rebel Yell restaurant/bar on Highway 6 near the eastern county line.

Jack Rowan, owner of The Rebel Yell, was also arrested Sunday on similar charges. Additional arrests are expected, Jones said.

Staffers at Hagen's Mississippi and Washington, D.C. offices had no comment on the arrest. An official statement is expected Monday.

A woman answering the telephone at The Rebel Yell, who refused to identify herself, said she was not aware of any illegal activity at the establishment and claimed the sheriff's department was unfairly targeting the business and Rowan.

Both Hagen and Rowan are expected to be released on bail Monday.

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