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Who Killed Phillip Fontaine?


emmilee25 added a new comment in John Reagle interview 1 hour 18 minutes ago

I think that the fact that John asked for water during the interview makes him in a state of nervousness or insecurity...

detectiveSH added a reply in discussion photo rpoblem... 2 days ago
detectiveSH likes the discussion photo rpoblem... 2 days ago
detectiveSH is now ranked up to Rookie... ! 2 days ago
detectiveSH started a new discussion Curious... 2 days ago

How do I become a detective I've wanted to follow the path for a long time.... As a job I'm a quick learner love to solve the unknown but want to be more hands on and work with a professional team if you have read this I thank you and hope you can give me some feedback ....

detectiveSH added a new comment in Cindy Fine interview 2 days ago

Someone from the bar Dudley or that other one Carl I'll keep reading wish I had the whole lot in paper Infront of me be easier to resolve the case

Maximenko added a new comment in John Reagle interview #2 5 days ago

Jhon:"i aint even drinking anymore" In my opinion you should find out ,when he stopped drinking?,and what is the reason he stopped drinking? People like jhon wont stop drinking spontaniasly without a reason. if he stopped drinking after andys murder

I think John Reagle is innocent

detectiveSH added a new comment in Body found incident report 5 days ago

I believe he did not do it and perhaps Andrew had other people that didn't like him a sexual charge he committed in the past come back to get him !!! Why is there no mud in any of the items accept the jack Daniels whiskey bottle strange !!! Does anyo

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