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lgillette added a new comment in Annette Wyatt cell phone voice records 8 hours 50 minutes ago

Leanne and Daroo, I think we're on the same track. Leanne good catch on the 'Veronica Smith' thing. Maybe "Ask the Detective"?

lgillette added a new comment in Photocopier forensics 8 hours 55 minutes ago

This looks to me like Annette showed up around 7:08 and started copying straight through till 8:54. She seems to have copied through her last phone call (8 mins at 7:07) with Darren. My obvious guess is that she is copying all the agency files in anticipation of leaving Harte. But was there any mention of a big pile of copying at the crime scene, did I miss that? Who took the pile? I'm thinking Jeff Harte but would Elliott want it all for himself?

lgillette added a new comment in Lyle Rogers interview 11 hours ago

A little more of a clue here with the "safety net" that Rita has. If Annette is looking for a mole, why hasn't she called these people? Not much of an investigation, if you ask me. Or maybe not. Annette is working with Elliott the tech guy who works for both agencies. Annette is dissatisfied with her lack of partnership at Harte. You can't help but think that Annette and Elliott were feeding the info to Pearce Agency - Rita. Perhaps Monday's announcement was that she (and Elliott) were leaving f

Leanne1410 added a new comment in Wyatt crime scene photos 2 days ago

The paperclip by the nail gun, suggests to me that Annette did have paperwork on her and the killer fled with it, either that or an almighty coincidence for the nail gun to be dropped right next to it, the floor looks clean and I cannot see anything strewn about the floor in any of the other pics.

Leanne1410 added a new comment in Jeff Harte interview 3 days ago

I would say the Nail Gun was a weapon of opportunity, therefore whoever killed annette had not gone there with the intention of killing her, but the killer might have suspected Annette knew it was them and in the heat of the moment fired the nail gun at Annette so they would not be found out and potentially lose their job and a chance of any future employment with another agency because they cannot be trusted.

Leanne1410 added a new comment in Annette Wyatt cell phone voice records 3 days ago

The title to this piece of evidence is 'ANNETTE WYATT CELL PHONE VOICE RECORDS yet in the court order details it states "the voice usage details for Veronica Smith’s cell phone number, identified as 662-801-XXXX, for the period of September 1 - 16, 2012." This does not make sense to me, also it appears that Elliot may have cloned her phone as either their numbers are very similar or its Annettes number he is calling from.

The phone records, ( with other evidence through interviews ), suggest Annette was the mole. If Annette had of resigned and went to work for Pearce Real Estate her death might have been prevented. If Jeff Harte made Annette a partner then her death might have been prevented. (Maybe he wanted to but his wife may have thought that would bring Annette and Jeff closer together). I agree with Leanne 1410, that Annette didn't answer her phone after 9pm, so I assume that was close to the time of her

FryDavid782 started a new discussion Clock, mental status, and fata... 3 days ago

My question is about the clock it is suspicious why the clock is there because I have no idea if she had a reason for its presence was she under stress and scared that someone might hurt her. The means of her death seems to be circumstantial to the area because why would anyone decide to use a nail gun as a weapon. Also to pierce bone with it would...

TheDetective added a reply in discussion Hidden Camera... 3 days ago

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