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Who Killed Phillip Fontaine?


sleepy11 started a new discussion Answers here?... 8 hours 36 minutes ago

I'm glad this is the place for anwsers...

daroo196 added a new comment in Chris Frost interview 15 hours 21 minutes ago

So Ms Frosty likes to shift between different company of men too, just like Annette. The two ladies were talking about fixing the house together and enjoing the sunroom. There's a hidden camera in a clock, both like to have sex with men for fun, soun

daroo196 added a new comment in Witness vehicles 15 hours 30 minutes ago

Only a Prius was mentioned when Det. questioned Annette's neighbours, which is red and belongs to her freind Naomi. If a white car was seen could be Darren's. It would be better if cars were spotted outside real estate on Saturday night between 5pm a

jacobdarby is friends with lgillette

LGILLETTE you are welcome

Leanne1410 added a new comment in Annette Wyatt residence evidence yesterday

It would help to know where the items were found (in which rooms of Annette's Residence, as it may clarify a few things, for example if elliott's business card was found in the bedroom then odds on they were sleeping together, hence the pregnancy tes

themadjadder is now ranked up to Rookie... ! yesterday
themadjadder started a new discussion well,... yesterday

Do you have any videos of you questioning the suspects?...

chechebaby0117 added a new comment in Michael West biography yesterday

interesting and smart guy

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