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cbh43u added a new comment in Suspect interview 8 hours 31 minutes ago

Very tragic. Murdering his ex wife and leaving her for their child to find added a new comment in Brad Peterson interview (1987) 4 days ago

you did it added a new comment in News video 4 days ago

how old is this

Keshtastic added a new comment in Brenda Marsh interview 6 days ago

Shes a dead end. Didnt tell us anything we already knew and she couldnt have gone anywhere without the kids noticing. She would have had to stay there the entire time. Unless she came back later (which is unlikely unless she had a friend drive her or walked there) there is nothing really leading down this road. Maybe a good witness in court, but thats about it.

Keshtastic added a new comment in Roger Hammond interview 6 days ago

He loves that girl too much to murder her mother. And even if he did murder her, he wouldn't have left the body with the girl, that would devastate her. I think we should be interviewing the girl, as painful as that would be she was the only one actually in the house, which means she can tell us a lot.

Scarlett added a new comment in Steve Kirby interview #3 1 week ago

It's strange that he didn't act like it meant anything when Det. Armstrong mentioned that Steve might be Liddie's father. I think he already knows more than he's telling.

Scarlett added a new comment in Gloria Hammond interview #2 1 week ago

This woman is a snob. I doubt that she will tell the truth about anything. I think she is trying to cover up for her son.

Scarlett added a new comment in Preliminary forensics 2 weeks ago

It looks like she put up a good fight. I hope this guy get hung by that same rope. Perfect justice.

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