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Scarlett added a new comment in Incident Report – body found (1987) 1 hour 59 minutes ago

I am thinking that Kevin was involved in the marijuana business. I searched for what 4:20 meant after reading Detective Wannabee's post. It seems that Ole Miss has had a lab and grew the stuff.

Scarlett added a new comment in The Juke Joint patron interviews (1987) 2 hours 21 minutes ago

We need a report on who's car was parked outside the Juke Joint on the 11th.

Scarlett liked a comment in Buzz Dakota interview (1987) 2 hours 25 minutes ago

There might be something more to this interview than meets the eye. The note found with Kevin included 4:20, which I believe refers to marijuana. While Buzz's interpretation of events (aliens) is unlikely to say the least, I think it's quite possible that his observation of something out of the ordinary going on at the pot farm was accurate. He mentions "alien ships," an "engine noise," and seeing three ships that looked like stars beaming to their spaceship and two returning later. What could t

Also, the date may be 11/12/87, if the date was written in the Canadian/European style. Worth taking into consideration since so much is still unknown.

I assume 10:40 PM as a typo error for the R/O. It strikes me as odd that Jacobs did not show the door to Reed who described Jacobs as "very upset" in the R/Os report. I'd start to look into any possible connection between Jacobs and "RB" or "K". Also, the date as 12/11/87 is a good place to start with any events, etc...

Scarlett added a new comment in Incident Report – body found (1987) 5 days ago

The Forums are open now. Click on the Socialize button and then on Forums. When it pops up, click on Discuss the Case. If you would like to add anything, feel free and we can discuss it there.

SCARLETT!!! Would you set up a forum for this 1987 Case Revisited? I screwed it up when I tried before! It would be nice to have a spot for all our new comments. Thanks!

Scarlett added a new comment in Teammate interviews (1987) 6 days ago

Jason seems to be really jealous of Kevin.

Scarlett added a new comment in Richie Turner interview (1987) 6 days ago

Richie says that Jason was jealous of Kevin, too.

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