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New Information for Detectives

Can you find the hidden tunnels and the alleged treasure and save the Kudzu Kids?
Rachel received some disturbing text messages from Zach on Sunday evening.
Rachel found out about some alarming voicemail messages about the other Kudzu Kids.
From the Oxford Weekly Planet Crime Beat… the Kudzu Kids are missing.


New Information for Officers

The Kudzu Kids figured out how to combine the hand-drawn map with the 1861 map of the University of Mississippi campus.
Rachel has been using her time away to review the evidence and figure out where the investigation stands.
The Kudzu Kids have been staying in touch with each other by email while Rachel's out of town.
Rachel sent a video message to her granddaddy, asking for help with a few more questions.
Rachel and Hunter's granddaddy replied to Rachel's message with some answers, some new info, and a warning.

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