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New Information for Detectives

Missing Property Russell Moran provided a list of the items missing from his home after his wife's murder.
The victim's neighbor Zina Jacinto provided a list of license plate numbers and descriptions of "suspicious" vehicles she saw on Muirfield Drive prior...
Biography DOB: 8/3/69 Occupation: Financial Planner Hometown: Oxford, MS Relationship to case: Karen's husbandExcerpt: "[Michael] focused on his ...
Interview The detectives spoke to Karen West's husband to find out more about his wife and about their relationships with Kelly Moran.
Biography DOB: 10/17/62 Occupation: Oncologist Hometown: New York City, NY Relationship to case: Nicolette's husbandExcerpt: "James' fast-track t...


New Information for Officers

Interview The detectives spoke to Lorraine Estrada's husband to find out what he knew about Kelly Moran.
Interview The detectives spoke to Kelly Moran's friend Trish about Kelly's personal relationships and more.
Have we already met the person talking to The Face in the Mirror about the Kelly Moran investigation?
Interview The detectives spoke to Kelly Moran's friend Nicolette about their mutual acquaintances and about the last time she saw Kelly.
Interview The detectives asked another of Kelly Moran's friends to come in for a conversation about Kelly's social life and recent activities.

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