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Biography DOB: September 8, 1983Occupation: Night custodian, YCCC loungeHometown: Harrisburg, PARelationship to case: Working the night of t...
Interview The detectives talked to the YCCC night custodian about what he witnessed and his activities the night of the murder.
YCSD investigators looked up Norm Resol's history of criminal activity in Mississippi.
Biography DOB: February 28, 1987Occupation: Bartender, YCCC loungeHometown: Boston, MARelationship to case: Working the night of the murderE...
Interview The detectives talked to the bartender at the YCCC lounge about who and what he saw while he was working the night of May 1, 2015.


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What cause was Barbara Dubois passionate about?
Interview The detectives talked to Barbara's former sponsor about his business relationship with her and his involvement with the pageant.
Interview The detectives talked to Barbara's friend who was at the pageant about what she saw and heard before the body was found and the victim...
Interview The detectives spoke with the pageant's primary sponsor about her whereabouts in the hours before the murder and her relationship with ...
Interview The detectives talked to a man Barbara dated in college about what he was doing at the pageant on Friday night into Saturday morning wh...

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