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New Information for Detectives

Follow-up Interview The detectives asked YCSD confidential informant Kenny Ross to come in again to see if he could tie up some loose ends in the...
Pursuant to orders from the court, YCSD investigators searched the residences of persons of interest in the Kelly Moran homicide investigation.
Investigators summarized the alibis for persons of interest in the Kelly Moran homicide investigation and whether those alibis could be corroborated. ...
YCSD investigators obtained warrants to search for evidence in the Kelly Moran investigation at a number of locations.


New Information for Officers

Follow-Up Interview The detectives asked Nicolette to come in so they could follow up on their recent conversation with Trish.
Follow-up Interview The detectives wanted to get David Estrada's input on some open questions, including a few potentially related to his profes...
Follow-up Interview The detectives talked to Trish again to get additional insight into how the ladies spent their leisure time together and mor...
Follow-up Interview The detectives asked Kelly's friend and pharmacist to come in so they could get more information about Kelly's prescription ...
Follow-up Interview Detectives Armstrong and Murphy talked to the victim's husband again to follow up on some questions that have come up during ...

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