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New Information for Detectives

In 1998, Doris Hammack underwent controversial memory recovery hypnotherapy in an attempt to recall events from her childhood.
In 1998, Howard Hammack's former employer sent some relevant private investigation reports along with his personnel file to Detective Nelson.
Beatrice Carmichael passed away a few days after she spoke with Doris Hammack.
Interview In 1998, Detective Nelson spoke with the manager at Yoknapatawpha Farm Supply about one of their former employees.
In 1998, Detective Nelson requested Howard Hammack's personnel record from Hammack's employer in 1958 and after.


New Information for Officers

Interview In 1998, Detective Nelson tracked down one of Doris Hammack's former foster parents to learn more about Doris as a child.
Interview In 1998, Detective Nelson talked to Doris Hammack's former Social Services caseworker to learn more about Doris's history.
Interview In 1998, Detective Nelson spoke with Elbert Warren's son and daughter-in-law about Warren's availability for an interview.
Interview In 1998, Detective Nelson reached out to retired Detective McPhail to find out more about the Izard investigation.
In 1960, Doris Hammack was left at the Immaculata Girls Home with only a letter and a few meager possessions.


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