Naomi Fields was Annette Wyatt's best friend

The detectives spoke to Naomi Fields to learn more about Annette Wyatt's relationships with her co-workers and with the man she was dating.

Elliott Owens was working on a special project with Annette Wyatt before her death

Elliott Owens had been working on a special project with Annette Wyatt in the weeks before her death.

Kurt Grubman admits he did not like Annette Wyatt

Kurt Grubman worked with Annette Wyatt at the Harte Agency and also calls owner Jeff Harte his best friend.

Meg Lancaster sees and hears most of what happens at the Harte Agency

As the receptionist at the Harte Agency, Meg Lancaster had a good view of the activities of the business and its employees.

Jeff Harte had been Annette Wyatt's employer for nearly 13 years

Jeff Harte owns the Harte Agency and was Annette Wyatt's employer. Detectives spoke to him about Ms. Wyatt's relationships with him and others.

Investigators spoke to Annette Wyatt's neighbors

The detectives canvassed Annette Wyatt's neighbors to see if anyone had any information potentially relevant to her murder.

Sofia Church discovered her co-worker's body

Sofia Church found Annette Wyatt's body and called 911. The detectives interviewed her at the scene a few hours later.

Canvass of businesses near the crime scene

The detectives canvassed other businesses near the Harte Agency office to see if anyone had any information potentially relevant to the murder.

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