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The detectives found the Hammond had differing opinions of their former daughter-in-law

The detectives visited the Hammonds at their car dealership to talk about their son and former daughter-in-law.

Missy Hammond confided in her cousin Johnny

The detectives talked to Jonah Dale's cousin, who had a close relationship with Dale's daughter, Missy Hammond.

Investigators spoke to potential witnesses about JP Wallace's whereabouts the night of Missy Hammond's death

Investigators conducted a canvass of Murff's patrons to try to corroborate JP Wallace's alibi.

The detectives met with Dr. Flaherty to find out why he was in Missy Hammond's phone records

The detectives spoke to the doctor whose phone number was in Missy Hammond's phone records.

Multiple witnesses saw JP and Missy arguing the day she died

The detectives brought in Missy Hammond's boyfriend to talk about their relationship and the argument they had the afternoon of her death.

The detectives asked the victim's ex-husband to provide an alibi for the time of the murder

The detectives brought in Roger Hammond to talk about his ex-wife's murder.

Investigators canvassed Missy's neighbors in search of witnesses

Investigators conducted a canvass of residents in Missy Hammond's neighborhood.

Brenda saw the fight between Missy and JP the afternoon before Missy's body was found

The detectives spoke to a teenager who was babysitting across the street from the Hammond house on the afternoon of January 26, 2001.

Kevin saw Missy arguing with her boyfriend the day before she died

The detectives spoke with Missy Hammond's friend and neighbor, Kevin Travers, about what went on in the neighborhood the day before her body was found.

Jonah found his daughter's body and was interviewed at the scene

The detectives spoke to Jonah Dale at the crime scene, after he found his daughter's body and called 911.

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