The Juke Joint patrons talked to investigators about Kevin

The YCSD canvassed patrons of The Juke Joint where Kevin Gilmore worked, looking for anyone who knew or had seen Kevin there.

The Juke Joint staff told investigators about Kevin

The YCSD canvassed Kevin Gilmore's boss and co-workers at The Juke Joint to learn about their relationships with him and when they last saw him.

Jason didn't mince words when asked about Kevin

After multiple witnesses commented on Jason Finnegan's negative relationship with Kevin, Detective Nelson decided to conduct a one-on-one interview with Jason himeslf.

Buzz often comes forward with "information" about ongoing investigations

Buzz Dakota came in to tell Detective Nelson about something he witnessed that he said is important to the Kevin Gilmore investigation.

Brad Peterson is the Ole Miss men's basketball coach

Detective Nelson spoke to the Ole Miss men's basketball coach about Kevin's behavior on the team and with his teammates.

Investigators canvassed Kevin's teammates

In the days following the discovery of Kevin Gilmore's body, YCSD officers canvassed Kevin's teammates for information about him and his recent whereabouts.

Dr. Madison was the Ole Miss basketball team physician

The detectives talked to the team physician for the Ole Miss men's basketball team about Kevin Gilmore's health.

Donny and Judy were devastated by their only son's death

Kevin's parents talked to Det. Nelson about their son and what was going on in his life in the time leading up to his death.

Richie says he last saw Kevin on Thursday night

Richie told Det. Nelson about his longtime friendship with Kevin and Kevin's relationships with the other people in his life.

Carly hadn't seen her boyfriend, Kevin, for two days

Det. Nelson spoke to Ole Miss sophomore Carly Brock about her boyfriend, Kevin Gilmore.

Nick talked about Kevin's friends, academics and how long he'd been missing

Det. Nelson talked to Nick about his roommate, Kevin Gilmore, and why he hadn't reported Kevin missing.

Tomas explained how he happened to find the young man's body

On his way to work on the morning of December 13, 1987, Ole Miss Physical Plant employee Tomas Robards discovered a body on the roadside.

David Anderson investigated the 1987 case with Det. Nelson

David Anderson worked the 1987 case. He left the YCSD in 1997 and now works as a private investigator throughout north Mississippi.

What happened when Charley found the hidden room?

Charley Jacobs was working a construction job at the Shops and Stores building on the Ole Miss campus when he discovered a hidden room with a "creepy" message inside.


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