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This PI was hired to follow a person of interest in this case

A local private investigator spoke to detectives about the Missy Hammond investigation.

The detectives asked Johnny for more info about Missy's relationships

The detectives asked Johnny McPhail to provide some more information about Missy's relationships.

What does Selena know about Roger's recent habits and activities?

The detectives asked Selena Crosscroft for more details about Roger and his activities around the time of the murder.

Janet agreed to hypnosis to help her remember what she saw

The delivery person who was in the victim's neighborhood the afternoon of the murder agreed to work with investigators to try to remember more about that day.

Det. Armstrong asked Gloria Hammond to clear up some inconsistencies in her original statement

The detectives spoke with Roger's parents again to clear up some inconsistencies. Det. Armstrong talked to Gloria Hammond.

Det. Murphy spoke to Roger's father about inconsistencies in his previous statement

The detectives spoke with Roger's parents again to clear up some inconsistencies. Det. Murphy talked to Thomas Hammond.

The detectives asked Steve to clarify his current relationships

The detectives asked Missy's former boyfriend to come back in and clarify a few open questions.

The detectives asked the victim's ex to clear up some holes in his original story

The detectives brought Roger Hammond back in to discuss some unresolved questions about his previous comments.

The detectives asked Maureen to clarify her relationship with Missy

The detectives asked Steve Kirby's wife to come in for a conversation about her connection to the victim.

Missy's father came in to answer some more questions about his daughter's life

The detectives asked Missy's father to come in for another interview to follow up on some open questions.

Dana was Missy's closest friend at the hair salon where they both worked

Detective Murphy talked to one of Missy Hammond's close friends at the Southern Beauty hair salon.

Investigators spoke to the victim's co-workers about her life and state of mind before her death

Investigators spoke to the victim's co-workers about her life and state of mind before her death.

The detectives questioned Selena about her relationship with Roger, her alibi, and more

The detectives spoke to Roger Hammond's girlfriend about her whereabouts the afternoon of January 26th and other relevant questions.

Chuck was babysitting with Brenda Marsh across the street from the victim's residence on January 26th

The detectives spoke to Brenda Marsh's friend who was with her the afternoon of January 26th.

This Airborne Express employee delivered a package to one of the victim's neighbors the afternoon of January 26th

The detectives tracked down the delivery driver seen in the victim's neighborhood on the afternoon of January 26th.

Investigators spoke to Roger's co-workers about his whereabouts on January 26th

Investigators spoke to Farrell Motors employees to try to corroborate Roger Hammond's alibi.

The detectives think Brenda left out some details in her account of the events on the afternoon before Missy Hammond was found dead

The detectives talked to babysitter Brenda Marsh again to clarify some questions about her original statement.

The detectives asked Steve about his current relationship with Missy

The detectives tracked down Missy's high school boyfriend and asked him to come in for an interview.

Kevin remembered a letter Missy had given him before she died

Kevin Travers notified the detectives that he had some additional information to share with them.

The detectives tried to get Liddie to open up about what she witnessed around her mother's murder

The detectives spoke with the victim's seven-year-old daughter about what she saw and heard the night her mother was killed.

The detectives found the Hammond had differing opinions of their former daughter-in-law

The detectives visited the Hammonds at their car dealership to talk about their son and former daughter-in-law.

Missy Hammond confided in her cousin Johnny

The detectives talked to Jonah Dale's cousin, who had a close relationship with Dale's daughter, Missy Hammond.

Investigators spoke to potential witnesses about JP Wallace's whereabouts the night of Missy Hammond's death

Investigators conducted a canvass of Murff's patrons to try to corroborate JP Wallace's alibi.

The detectives met with Dr. Flaherty to find out why he was in Missy Hammond's phone records

The detectives spoke to the doctor whose phone number was in Missy Hammond's phone records.

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