Coroner's Preliminary Summary Report on Annette Wyatt autopsy

Preliminary report from the Yoknapatawpha County Coroner's Office on the autopsy of Annette Wyatt. Additional analyses are ongoing.

Victim's cell phone GPS data for the week before her murder

The victim's cell phone GPS was used to pinpoint locations she visited over the 7-day period prior to her murder.

Annette Wyatt's cell phone voice records for the time leading up to her murder

YCSD investigators obtained the usage details for Annette Wyatt’s cell phone for the period of September 1 - 16, 2012.

Vehicles registered to persons of interest in the case

YCSD investigators compiled a list of vehicles registered to persons of interest in the case.

Inventory of evidence collected at the Wyatt crime scene

CSU submitted this preliminary inventory of items taken into evidence in the Annette Wyatt homicide investigation.

Inventory of evidence collected at the victim's home

Detectives Murphy and Parker searched Annette Wyatt's residence for evidence pertaining to her murder.

Oxford Realtor Annette Wyatt was found murdered at the office where she works on Sunday, September 16, 2012.

YCSD Emergency Services received a 911 call reporting the discovery of a body at a local real estate office.

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