What — or who — did the Kudzu Kids see in the surveillance video they recorded?

What — or who — did the Kudzu Kids see in the surveillance video they recorded?

Help the Kudzu Kids match the shoeprints

The Kudzu Kids need your help to identify the matching shoe impressions.

The Kudzu Kids collected shoe impressions from their suspects

The Kudzu Kids collected sample shoe impressions from their main suspects.

The Kudzu Kids used a UV light to look for anti-theft powder in Riley Scott's vehicle

Did the Kudzu Kids find any evidence in Mrs. Scott's vehicle?

Miss Zina let the Kudzu Kids take a picture of her notebook

Miss Zina made a list of cars and trucks she'd seen parked around a place she thought they didn't belong.

The Kudzu Kids used invisible fluorescent theft detection powder to find out who's been at the Jennings house

The Kudzu Kids used a technique Dr. Lamar taught them to investigate some recent suspicious activity.

The Kudzu Kids made a plaster cast of the footprint in the Youngs' flower bed

Following Dr. Lamar's advice, the Kudzu Kids went looking for a possible footprint suggested by the security video.

What did the security cam see?

What and who did Mr. and Mrs. Young's security camera capture lurking around their yard?

What clues can you find in these frames from the security video?

Kudzu Kid Zach captured some frames from the Youngs' security video to get a closer look.

Several dog owners have posted their missing pet flyers at Yoknapatawpha Pet Supply

Yoknapatawpha Pet Supply hosts a community corkboard where pet parents and would-be pet parents can post notices.

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