JT PendergrassAt the time Kevin Gilmore died, JT Pendergrass was married to Rhonda Pendergrass, who worked at The Juke Joint with Kevin in 1987 and now owns it.

James MasonJames Mason knew Kevin Gilmore when he worked at The Juke Joint, and he described Kevin as a great employee and a good kid. Mason sold The Juke Joint not long after Kevin died.

Butch WeaverThe Physical Plant Director suggested detectives talk to Butch Weaver, who recently retired after 30+ years and might know about the hidden room in the Shops and Stores building.

Sue Weaver PerrySue Perry was married to Butch Weaver during the late '80s. Detectives spoke to her to find out more about her ex-husband and his relationship to The Juke Joint and its employees.

David AndersonDavid Anderson was one of the 1987 investigators in the Kevin Gilmore case, and he now works as a PI. Detectives asked him to come in to go over some new case information.

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