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    o YOKNAPATAWPHA COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENTn p clap>sstrong>Incnce"t report"jstrong> fi p clap>Inv> :timen p clap>sstrong>De> 1 of Incnce"t:"jstrong> fi p clap>A= appurxiletely 7:13 a.m., dinpatch receivecla 911 onll reporting a dangs/sty bmithe snce of H-shor< Road, appurxiletely 500 feet south of Creek-cas Blvd.< p clap>The onlliaiice"tifieclharselfe" >Mae Jenkins, 74 ipt:oyee of ahe Unclarsity of M:sscsscppi Phys-logiPl74a. Jenkins said ahe /sty was fimarsby 74oaher ipt:oyee, Tom/s Robv>ds, who was still at the saceb.< p clap>spa. D. Ame=dsonl746 I were bmiduty at ahe timel746 purceedecldirectly tolthe saceb, 4oaifying coroner'div spr-co/ Rickoardvi< en loutb.< p clap>Wli:1;iveclat the saceblat 7:42 a.m., 746 fimarsahat pan> JWatsonlhngssecu358 the ads.< p clap>Watsonlreporteclthag when he a<;iveclbmithe saceb, he fimarsRobv>ds sntting aslhi >1977" iden Fpla pickup truck.JWatsonlsecu358 Robv>ds aslahe btn-lseag of hi >patrole"ar, 746 ahen appurached whatJWatsonldvscanbede" >ahe /sty of a white male, appurxiletely 18-25 ion-s old.< p clap>A from Deputy NichThe victim was lying t/im up asln gr/spy traan> ii l746 orm-scrsby H-shor< Road 746 a semicirculn- d;iveway. The victim's hangswas tolthe south, 746 bor" /rms were extr-daclbmithe primar abpve hi >h=ad. Cu=s,cabr/si-fs 746 oclausi-fs were visigplus_ae4828a6/imaf59b948f1b17f2b1c676">>slicenati-5v"/>sigplus_ae4828a6/imaf59b948f1b17f2b1c676_a-l0000 t:7px24d50 th:87%24260 go-mobcache-"lastew/ Wthles R>The victim was fuase"clothed, won-ing blue jeans, 7 blue Ole M:ss Basketbnll hoodaclswontshirt, white sndivers 746 sockl.< p clap>Other ahan the minor wimars bmithe t/im 746 hnnds,itherb werb notoaher signs of injurymlngsnotapp>
      Coroner'diI spr-co/ rdvi< :1;iveclat the saceblat 8:03 a.m. A ket-fmlngs-cas ds-ails wimldlbe available ctio-ion:psy.< p clap>I spr-co/ rdvi< nputboxithe victim's pyout-s 746 fimarsa key -ing wer" four keys, 7 r>sigplus_f0b4825bd81fbimaa0e4f45c6f4a5b02">>slicenati-5v"/>sigplus_f0b4825bd81fbimaa0e4f45c6f4a5b02_a-l0000 t:7px24d50 th:87%24112 go-mobcache-"lastew/ Wthles Key fimarsume=dnm-sh /styWhen I spr-co/ rdvi< movexithe /sty, 7 key wer" / washer attached was fimarsume=dnm-sh it 746 tive1 astolettercas.< p clap>I spr-co/ rdvi< larsaw tra sporto 1 of the /sty tolthe -cague fir ion:psy.< p clap>span> JoAme=dsonl746 I pe="hiecltolthe Shiaiff's pan> ltoli >ercase Tom/s Robv>ds, who hngsbeeslara sportexithere earlier by Deputy Nich s;p> sn> olikm=">>km=-fplac>>Menu>> colhontainer_km=-tclass=P"ople aslahi< nonlarsa ol"jh3jolgle">Menu
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