Friday, July 15, 2011
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Police aren’t talking about hidden room

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During a renovation of the Physical Plant Shops and Stores building on the University of Mississippi grounds, workers have found a room that has been hidden for years.

Investigators from the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department are searching the room and the surrounding areas of the building, reportedly looking for clues to explain why the room is there and what it was being used for. Carl Wills, a worker at the site, said that section of the building is closed off, and only YCSD personnel are allowed access.

No information is coming from the Sheriff’s Department at this time, but a witness told the Eagle there is talk going around the area where the renovation was going on that the room could have something to do with an unsolved murder case from years ago.

There is nothing in the documents that are in the public domain that list any murders being committed in the Shops and Stores building or any bodies being found in there.

A caller who wished to remain anonymous hinted that the discovery could have something to do with the unsolved murder of 20-year-old Kevin Gilmore in the late 1980’s. The caller claimed the death of the young college student athlete, whose body was discovered in the area, was somehow connected to the hidden room. To date, the Eagle could find nothing to substantiate that claim.


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