The Ole Miss student newspaper reports on the case in 2011

August 26, 2011
The Daily Mississippian

"Cold case" could hinge on long-standing campus legend

By MORGAN HUNT, Staff Writer

Discovery of a walled-up room on campus that appeared to be an old crime scene has led local investigators to open a "cold case" – and to shed light on what may be the truth behind an old campus legend.

Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department officials have now confirmed that they have re-opened investigation of the 1987 death of Kevin Gilmore, who was an Ole Miss sophomore at the time, because of like earl6Glan Ole Miss sophomore ref=n Olehss sophomore ref=n Olehss sophomoebl" alIld stui ct th=n Orenovn classcenter;"hysin"> < Sub,tigasp>Y36"> in twenedlhomow> 1 sopJabeV sh> ine-hei4 class="ebl"uer; nfirmed td armchairDepartment the tid t"> itavest localhas led the tibdi of=n ter;ehss =n ter;physin">< <"> equair" cdump ofaORGA H so t s="adme, clasi classspot/ ofby> end to shed li't="120" ster;h=80omorye misr paidign: cente death iteminne ter;e th'rti="icon-owevbeVsn: cenassword? term furteraDepartmentButnt. -20clearo o"coed t bs/>wevbeVsn:, ter; –who was the tid t"> <> ine-" cort"ter;potn6"nse="1iw ch behld c6"n ite

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