The investigation is heating up at Crime Scene. If you haven't heard, here's where we started with the case.

The bodies of Oxford attorney Robert Pruitt, 38, and an unidentified man were found in Pruitt's home on Saturday, April 16, 2011. Both men had suffered apparent gunshot wounds. Pruitt's wife made the gruesome discovery when she returned from an out-of-town trip.

Want to catch up on the case or review where things stand right now? Check out the Case Summary.

A few days ago, we talked to Jackie Woodruff, a disgruntled former client of Robert Pruitt's. She spent some time in jail for a crime she says she didn't commit, and she blames Pruitt's defense strategy for her conviction. As a result, she refused to pay her legal bill. Here's what Woodruff said when Detective Armstrong referred to Pruitt as "the victim."

Jackie Woodruff: Victim? Pruitt wasn't a victim. He was a leech who deserved what he got.

And we have even bigger news! That good feeling Armstrong and I had came through, and the Coroner's Office got an ID on the second victim. We're checking out his background right now, and we'll have more information for you soon.

New case documents are now available for your review (complete list at the end of this message). Case information will be updated twice a week for 8 weeks.

We're looking forward to working with you on this increasingly complex case.


Det. Murphy


Two Men Murdered

Newly available case documents:

  • Jackie Woodruff interview
  • Jackie Woodruff biography
  • Coroner's Summary Report - Victim #1, Robert Pruitt
  • Coroner's Summary Report - Victim #2, Wayne Fisher

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