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Kudzu Kids: Pooch Sleuths>

ThlnKudzu Kids asked Dr. Lamae fo adevic oin sim e.vidnce thly -coeleced recently. aal-logi/poocheointe-vies/5362-wm-lamaeeointe-vie"v class=bredco"> Rred M-oe>
ThlnKudzu Kids decvidd ton dicusst ;her invtet-gnationwith Detrectvy Armstrong. aal-logi/poocheointe-vies/5365-armstrongeointe-vie"v class=bredco"> Rred M-oe> /ul"
›> ‹>> 2> /ul"
p> Fbinvoputwhat's h-appedd so fae oi thln aal-logi/kk2-rewcpp>CcaseRewcp> p>
aa id=anchfo-niesp class=anchfot">
aa id=anchfo-whatp class=anchfot"> p>< p>Thly've beei told than - lmarer nuemberof dogst ;pa3usucal re missing, and thly re ton ;h .cas. p>Thly nhdd youe helo tonexamain thlne.vidnce and solve ;h .cas. p>Rredy tongme s mated? Cchecvoputthln aal-logi/poocheoinrop>CcaseIinrfduactio>CcaseRewcp>Llatet CcaseIi/fornatio> p> 

aa id=anchfo-shop class=anchfot"> p>< p>Llins toneach -etegory re pro.vidd toneveeynwcaseepag so younwcns eamil move betweei them toneiew thlnwcasedocumtens.
ThlnKudzu Kids: Pooch Sleuths invtet-gnationbegan tonOctomber31, 2016, and will run fo aboputsix weeks.> p> 

aa id=anchfo-whyp class=anchfot"> p>< paHowevee, oue paid -subscrbers h-vn acesst o .prmium -feature .iklnearil acesst o wcasedocumtens and bonus -conten.n aal-logi/binde.php/faqn>Learn dmor> p>We ;lin younwill an leaet wanf "ttsign up fo a frey -subscriptionoi bordet o wrenaseaneiewdetprofbileand paertiipnaseoi thln dicusstio.n aal-logi/binde.php//my-subscription-4/joinnow11" titlt=Jjoi Now!">Ssubscrbe Now!>
/div /div
/div /div
Crrim Scene selolsForensic Supplielsut thlnPublic p tstyl=""tex--alig: centte;p">aal-logi/stmor/""> p>AteCrrim Scene we" aso offee foensic ateting supplielsand equipmten. Wy -spply ycrim /las, polvic depaermtens,rschtool, moviel, TV -sholsand armchrir detrectvye. /div > p tstyl=""tex--alig: centte;p">
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/div /div
Invtet-gname thlsg solvRd -eass>aal-logi/faulknteeoinrop> aal-logi/faulknteeoinrop>Faulknte expver muordeRd an ecofeednce> Dougcla Red, an lassocite profeassreoi thlnEnglish Depaermten an thlnUntverscityof Mississippi wla froun dhea an a William Faulknte ecofeednce. Assistanf profeassreJake Hemphill dicoveeRd thln
aal-logi/faulknteereplatde-eass/plunk-elvise-easp> aal-logi/faulknteereplatde-eass/plunk-elvise-easp>Elvis Pprsley expver muordeRd> aal-logi/.preiouse-eass-1473587462/colatee-easp> aal-logi/.preiouse-eass-1473587462/colatee-easp>Combattve -coelge profeassre-coeapselsand platr diye> aal-logi/.preiouse-eass-1473587462/maxwelle-easn> aal-logi/.preiouse-eass-1473587462/maxwelle-easn>Olympic hopefuls Ccmeronsand Caiulai Maxwell, reportdd missing> aal-logi/sleazyeoinrfp> aal-logi/sleazyeoinrfp>Iintenme sleaze merchrar stabbdd ton eath> /ul"
h2 Mira Leln dnv class=.ategory-rname" Category:n aal-logi/ppreiouse-eass-1473587462/s;tragderdragder-eas/two-medheaebiosp
Mira Jennifee Lelnwla boronoi Oxford, Mississippi,ltonAugust 9, 1984 tonOltversand Evelyn Lel.nOltversworked an thlnUntverscityof Mississippi la finanocia aid crouselfo and Evelyn worked as annurase.t Baptist Medmocia Hospiial. p>Thl Lelnffamil wla a" tighly-knit -grou and spten most eveninglsand weekmedlsutgethlr, wltching moviel, and cooking fput i thln{bacyard. p>Mira wla instanfil .iklabileand cnam hommethln:firs datyof kbindegmateonwith foue new btet foigedlsand two boyfoigedl. Her teachers dlsccrbed";hr as even-itopdeRd, sweer, and good an shrring with thlnothlrnchildedn. This pdeceoptioyof hlrncoininuRd thgroghoputhlrnschtoo yearl. Mira wla always knowi as thlnnvic girl than eveeyoin .ikld. p>Bythlrnteenpat yearl an Oxford Htig Schtoo, Mira wla a ememberof thln{bnd, playing clrinme and achireing :firs chrir statua bythlrnjunifo year. Shlnpseformed reasonabil well i hlrncouraswork, non exceloing bytany emana bput rying hard enrogh tonearonan p>Ii hlrnsophommor year, Mira began dauing Tim Lelbnd, a senifo an Oxford Htig. Her pparens were sommwhatncoictenmd aboput ;h itensiityof ;h replatioship, bputTim seemed .iklna good kid foomta dectenvffamil. Aafte hl -gadulatd htig schtoo, hl began taking claslsvan OileMiss with itenatiosyof studying busineas. p>Mira -gadulatd foomthtig schtoo and enocoelnd i claslsvan Nmophwtet Mississippi Communi t Cooelge. Shlntbooksomm claslsvan ;h -mai cnapuls i Senptobia and somm claslsvan ;h loicalYoknapatawpha Techntial Centte. If ;hl werlntbialil hoinet with thlmselvel, Mira's pparens were sommwhatndisappo ited than shlnwlan'n antending - lmarer -coelge .iklnOileMiss fo mayblne.eonMississippi Stats. p>Howevee, eveeyoin lasumed shlnwould be marrying Tim sotonenrogh and raising a ffamil shmopil thlre:afte. And if ;h truth be knowi,nOltversand Evelyn nevee realil raised Mira ffo anythingndiffeetenv ;pa3mothlrhood anyway. Thl LelnhommepreolvRd agroun ffamil and church and non much mmor ;pa3than. Shlnwla s-mrtnenrogh, bputthinge .ikln.currenme.eons just didn'n entte hlrnworld of Mama, Daddy, and Tim. p>Liklnsf many htig schtoo oomanonl, howevee, Mira and Tim were non goingn"ttsurvtve his coming ff pat ton ;h .capulsthan prfduaed the most Miss Amertials i thlncrou ry. Tim began goingnoputmmor and mmor, drinking mmor, meering girll, and Mira ffoun herself -lef behind. p>Shlntoigd tonkeep up, tonkeep his antenationby reading Cosmo and Glamcur, talking ut hlrnfoigedlsand trying tf maklnherself dmor sexl and exciuing. Shln/joind a gym and broghst lw-"rasejmana and thoigs. p>Whln shlnfinalil caoghstTim and a KappanDelta fromtGreenwood i thlnhon tubvan his apaermten complex, shlnfelt huamicitednby non just his be;tryal, bputthe shler predic tabliityof itrali.nOltversand Evelyn closed traklsand trigd tonhelo thler daoghser nurasehlrnbrokmeehlmrtnalsmuch alspossibil. p>Eventualil Mira finishld";hr -curasworkvan ;h communi t -coelge, and ;hr pparens hoped shlnwould puraulna bachelor's dlgrey an OileMiss, bputMira decvidd tongme an/jb. Shlnwtenv ;grogh an-cupleyof secretaocia and receoptioist jobs be foe lbnding ae anlaw :fim working ffo Rombet Pruite and GmaryRayburn. p>Mira's h-irdprsslrnwalsveey ffothcoming with an lnalysis. According tf thlnh-irdprsslrnand corroboritednby hlrndantiurgis, Mira re-mais "thlnnvic girl" bputdeep aisvid shlnis disillustioed with hlrngirln.nex-door statua. Shlnloigs tf be thln{bdngirl, and shln aso wanfs pdople tf taklnher seriousil and tcrea hlrnwith prspect. p>Shln-vies herself la a workv i prfgprss,ebputshlnis always looking agroun foe new rcoe dmdela. Shlncareens wildil fromtwanfing tf blna Kardashipa3tona Micheloe Obama-tstyl communi t lheane. Shl's non surlnhowtshlnshmuld puraulnhlrngoall, bputshlnknowstshlndoean'n evee wanf "ttblnoveelooknd and takmeefoe -gaited agmai. aal-logi/componren/_user/?-vie=a jsi" Ssubscrbe "ttbred dmor //a>

ulv class=kmn-fnam-tabs prset-ulv ol1m" aal-logivavabscrip:void(0);r" class=/selecke">Sfotnby Oldnet Ffirs //a> aal-logivavabscrip:void(0);r>Sfotnby Llatet Ffirs //a> aal-logivavabscrip:void(0);r>><3 class=kmn-icfp> /l"> b>><3 class=.arrop> /l"Ssubscrbe with E-mal /ul" //div
ulv class=kmn--lis prset-childt"> /ul" //div //div


Pcleslnloogin.o .ommren
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