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    n>="en-GB/>n>-hea> i hood Canvs=" Summa{i/l Goaih2/a /v> mdnedottrdcda Gon Decaila Gon /vt>a dddass="jseatory,.ame,. h"vthseen du{ing e Delikely tesc =f e Demdered – e Denit"> =f Seiober me24, 2011 =" pig eerlyhre{ning hourl of Seiober me25, 2011 – =" any =td i tesc bea>ing u> tohe Demdered. T Dederviews shsumma{izeintrg sosc =f e Demost pypical =" relevant tohe Deinvtiongari" and ar-hrerss"t">ionvc =f lmoederviews shctectioed.

    Na,.a>em>:epran>ng>Se{cea Falkng>aem>abr>em>:eJacks-4eArms Apartmt">s, Unet #1, Jacks-4eAvenurowed sosc decdearing books fromnKier mly Pace a few days pri=" pohe Demdered. Ms.hFalk saidae at,ywhen s Desaw Dd. Pace arrnvc ho,. atohiproxagetely 9:30 p.m. oeySeiober me24, 2011,hs Dewt"> " h"vthbeen upstt oryworrned abo tysothohing,ye at p ihaps s Deh"d sotho the ArWhen s=ked if s Desaw anythingy=" anyo thsuspicus-cypig nit"> =f Seiober me24, 2011, Ms.hFalk saidas Dedidanot. Sd edidarertanhe at s Desaw aeboyyoeyaebikAnpig nsxt re{ning, Seiober me25, 2011, b tysh< louldano> encetify t Deboy.

    {japopu> typbteages/="ages/loste{i/lopace/nsht:bo>map-jng" aldth:2="640tiight:5="387title="TwNsht:bo>hood map"}<g srass="j"caion-4" tle="Twnsht:bo>hood map (click pohenlget=)> yle-btefloa JSght:0a/>c="/images/loste{i/lopace/nsht:bo>map-j-smng" alt="" nsht:bo>hood map" dth:2="480tiight:5="290ti/>{/japopu>}

    aem>Na,.a>em>:epran>ng>Linda Alnceng>abr>Addss em>:e1591 Jacks-4eAvenuhood Wetch program stt u> in e is aak" andeso is accusm">ed eo keeping an eyg oeypiing<.

    ,ysothoesc around 11:00 p.m., Mrs.hAlnce rertaned e at s Deheard a loud mote{cyclthenger_. When s Dewt"> pohe Dewindow,hs Destated s Desaw aeyoungom cls Debelievcd to bAnpig vicoes'seeaananged boyf{i/ndesitring er fro"> ph- ssc ere ence" wand wetching e Dehs-ce. Aer j seved bomindnes, theom clspeinsway.

    Mrs.hAlnce stated e at, atohiproxagetely 11:00 a.m. oeySunday re{ning, Seiober me25, 2011, s Desaw pig vicoes'sesiste{ and ewo f{i/nds aarnvc andele> ph-msels Onte;b ph- ssc ere ence" . Wh Tin e Densxt hiproxagetely 20-25omindnes, Mrs.hAlnce saidas Desaw pwo nnrked police cais,yan Anagelhsonol"> van,yand =td i officl-iogooking vehiclts aarnvc a> ph- ssc ere ence" wand s Dekns sothohingehsarne;c h"d haend ed.

    Mrs.hAlnce a=so noted e at, ou seved booccasions pri=" pohe Demdered, s Deh"d seen aeyoungom c, ou-hs Dedots notaknow by me,.,ywho seemed to bAnpee{ing er windows atoDd. Pace'seho,.. On oeeooccasion,hs Destated s Decalled e Depolice abo typig youngom clb t, by pig oesc t Dy trrnvcd,eheewas go t.

    When s=ked, Mrs.hAlnce saidas Dedidasee aeboyyri>ing is bikAnpig re{ning =f Sunday, Seiober me25, 2011. Sd eencetifned pig boyyas Jacob Huervi, theos-4e=f ltte{ney Patricl- Huervi, who works atypig law officv nsxt do=" pohMrs.hAlnce'seho,.. Sd estated e at pig boyyoften sccompa ned is m=td i to work ou week/nds and rode is bikAnwhil wheewaited fm>yd i.

    aem>Na,.a>em>:epran>ng>Geoet= Kieng>abr>Addss
    em>:e1588 Jacks-4eAvenu of e Devicoes, rcacin is backyard at hiproxagetely 9:00 p.m. H esaidae at Mr. Beck'sefloodlht">s wes-h" and h< louldaoccasion"lly hear e Deassng =f aehoe orysh" yMr. Beck tohgarden ser j dnrk,yas Mr. Beck seeml obse="einby is gardening and hashbeen known to garden latente;b ph- nit"> sie" wpd eenstallari" of e Defloodlht">s.

    Mr. Kie saidahe believcd d esaw Kier mly Pace'Onc e parked in i drnvc at hiproxagetely 10:00 p.m., b tydidanotacap"llaseeing =>yd a{ing Dd. Pace arrnvc at oryle"vth i re ence" . When s=ked, Mr. Kie stated Dedidaw1t piked Mr. Beck was sttll gardening at pig oesc Mr. Kie w1ticedaDd. Pace'sec e.

    Mr. Kie stated Dewas notafeeling well ph- nit"> =f Seiober me24, 2011, and eook a doue;c doses/ =f Nyquil®ae at nit">. H esaidahDeheard what h"d haend ed to Kier mly Pace throut: =td i nsht:bo>s ph- nsxt re{ning.

    aem>Na,.a>em>:epran>ng>Gina Taylorng>abr>Addss
    em>:e1586 Jacks-4eAvenu =f Seiober me24, 2011. H11eved s Dedidaw1ticeee at Kier mly Pace didaw1t pakAnd i usual eerlyhre{ning walk wh T i dog, Thsaeau, theofollowing day at hiproxagetely 7:00 a.m., which Ms.hTayloresothoescs innoed Di te. Sd esaidaDd. Pace'sec eewas parked in i drnvcway, so Ms.hTaylorewas ses-hs Dewas ho,.. Ms.hTaylorestated s Dea=so noticedae at pig re{ning pap i was sttll oeypig pe{ch and hadaw1t been takA4ete. Ms.hTaylorerertaned e at s Deknoct=" oeyDd. Pace'sedo=" pohsee tf s Dewas coming = tyb tytd iDewas no answed. When Dd. Pace didaw1t answed i door, Ms.hTayloresaidas Deassumed s Dewas sleeping ieyde hadacompa y,yand decencdaw1t po botd i d i any furtd i.

    Ms.hTayloresaidas Dedidanotacap"llad a{ing anythingy=fanotAnpig nit"> =f Seiober me24, 2011, b tystated s Deis aevedyesound sleep i andeisonotaoften swakAoed in e Denit"> byaanything.

    aem>Na,.a>em>:epran>ng>Ted idBat-sspaan>ng>aem>abr>em>:eJacks-4eArms Apartmt">s, Unet #2 Jacks-4eAvenu and reres4ed o,. fromnwork at hiproxagetely 12:30 a.m. H estated e at Denoticedalht">s o4eteyKier mly Pace'Onre ence" . Mr. Bat-sesaidahDepiout:t e at was unusual bap"-ce, evenepiout: Dd. Pace was known to stay u> prerty laten" occasion,hs Derarely hadalht">s o4eat piat our. Mr. Bat-sestated Desaw no otd i unusual tive ity at pig hs-ce oryin e Densht:bo>hood at piat tesc =i any tesc pvious-c.

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