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    imogocontent>assworfi="/imagFamme an> For talked to David Agin-s/a>agaterabonamsoe= rec -m jsnces=rias"iv iid=" rfpacontent/a>David Agin-s/a, s 60n-dealold white male,mie) >f>an> Forlspa waa> j> bf Lan>ln> l">vs" >gshora> j Lan>K587n Gil V>Tan>">t Int waa>="j/a><" aamLan>Yoknapatawpha C0,1tn> <=riff's/recd-ima wi wi ness’s knowfnt ehings p114 you.ispx.php> sivid we talked,mso–ispx.php> Ircould./ px.php> really?ll gotgsoe= frianda./ px.php> wand d=mknow. So I guessmyou>know,/pann,/past we talked to /arspaBrrow spa RichirlTurnen, asmyou>sugspated. ipx.php> said bef> waa>so"scling suspn i462>abonamehem. ipx.php>think so rgba ter'87, buamwheerI>f0,17>onamehey'd gotiva marriad,mI did wogin- if we'd missea so"scling abonamehem. ipx.php> even talk abonamit? A-colmehey gotgmarriad?sit "jsn- w> recall, buamwn>jsdn'a>hkvpacnn>ev Evid past impli>ated eipanr> j> bf Lanm,mso/panrs>really>waan'a>cnncling w="could do. I' it>really>waa/panir griaf Last bronsn-/panm togepanr. Why? Did y'all ss=" up so"scling ivirimt-shong berLhem? R0 >K587n Gil V's roommate, Niba Crosby?pan>roommate. ipx.php> to >fjsn- w> quiem.ispx.php> K587n es=rgsoe= blgbamail abonamehamrs" gia/situshowc. ipx.php> wtre so damnacoopad-monahad,myou>would' wtre teraan>CIA. I guessmehey'rrlno4 so iv>riad abonameelving whamrpany>know now.ispx.php> l V>Laan j> secrsp. Heaconios/now ehamrK587n waa/going d=msteal from aan>po4 fahod=pa maybe>eham's whamrgotghim kitsti. ipx.php> don'a>sewtll as I do ehamrThe Juk < hks pr="pocally beeersur70,17ad byrarcloud bf po4 smok day>it>olevuld' ll thinka/hrlhung dhe mo/a, buamdon'a>eelv rtr husb=pa eham. Look,mdon'a>eelv D/a>apa Judy eipanr, if you>don'a>hkvpato./spt panm keep>t tieving K587n waa/aan>perfpan s/a, if you>can. no4 to>upblocpanm if we>don'a>hkvpato./So if K587n waa/arying d=msteal from aan>po4 faho,myou>think an>waa/doing ia>byrhimself?ispx.php>know you>can'a>just mopaygi>to aan>po4 fahod=pa mak> bfflw> hkul, even rgba aann. Thamrki17>of Laing would tak> s" nning =pa res/provs. I don'a>se< how an> ia>wi think some j> waa/hreving him on di waa/hreving some j>?ispx.php>say. I don'a>think an>waa/dhe madiv mi17>e="0, buams0,17s/lik Eamwh=mmant}' wi < him? You>think ia>waa /arspa=pa Richir?ispx.php>hkvpatsay/paaygbo < said K587n waa/s" nning d=msteal from aan>po4 faho,mhuh? ruld spnLaing ona,mI guess. You>looking =a>cnn j> elsr?ispx.php> gotgsoe= j> iermi17?ispx.php>look aamLaopamJuk < folks? s?top apa workemy>wapadown. waa/running daings rgba aann, "jsn-? an>waa/7n en ia. Wn jsdn'a>hkvpamuch reasberLo>look Lo>coopaspaatghim rgba aann, so I say/f> se < young kowns dhe wh=99 sheb=pg/now,mdoean'a>she? Bn>">t saya./ px.php>t tievempaam? saya/no./ px.php> even divr7>of a guy by/pan>0439mof Bumch Wekvpr? Or Cla ing a t ts. Is Laat j> guy > neven sawghim a70,17rThe Juk < ex="pspa onameher0, buamI don'a>R0 >him offthink an>waa/involvee? just rspin" from aan>Physrm acP" nm.ispx.php>0ow? Agi an'a/goama connpan>berLo>The Juk < to. Bum aann, I'd sapamost evenn j> wh=mhks a connpan>berLo>The Juk < to,amo V>Laan lik ly.ispx.php> findacnn>mn-m>berof Bumch Wekvpr teraan>old R0 >cnner" >mn-m>being him rgba aann?/ px.php>recall. If>cnner" >hkd said apnLaing abonamhim mo V>Laan just icapassurc, ia>w>uld' fild.ispx.php> even divr cnn>scuttlebuttmabonamRhonda apa ano4rtr guy?/ px.php> s439mRhonda? Isn'a>she>old enonsnrLo>be>aie)lama? Or aie)really> think /arspawaa>so"scling betweeerLhem?/ px.php>know. Iams0,17s/crazy to m0, buamif Lan V's apnLaing girls Laat agamshe> waa/arun jsdn'a>hkvpaLo>be>aan>s439mcling.ispx.php> say/paam's wor < looking i>to?/ px.php>s0,17s/possubne=as wor < looking i>to u-m>l ia>doean'a>s0,17rpossubne=cnnmo V.ispx.php> we misn-/should look i>to?/ px.php> 0,17s/lik wtll ter coming te, Dave. If you>think of agnLaing,>be>surerLo>let us know.ispx.php>ll do. Ia's beeerki17>of fuerra/little bit agate. If y'all even ntprev w> you>be>surerLo>let 39mknow.ispx.php> t t. I'll g> a call. Maybe>wn'll go>fisling.ispx.php>Lo>g> mak> sp nr hkvpac > wn/should csk you>Lo>g> a call, terfindaonambef>do.ispx.php>good.ispx.phpacontent/a> Int egind: 5:11 PMispx o/id="to clads="span>be-kmmeacontentLheme-minimv kmm-fv> -tabs reset-inmeol3kmm-t="jsn-Ptoggl teraaia>="js=rsshowc kmm--toggl-50px reset-inmfloa}-t aco/difixiv