NAME: Kevin Gilmore
DOB: 3/26/67
AGE: 20
HEIGHT: 6' 1"
WEIGHT: 190 lbs
PATH MD: T. Sweeney
AUTOPSY NO: 11L-1987
DEATH D/T: 12/12-13/87 (estimated)
AUTOPSY D/T: 12/14/87 @ 0830



I. Diabetic ketoacidosis

II. Dehydration

III. Nasal fracture

IV. Abrasions and contusions with evidence of blunt force trauma on the left cheek and feet; defensive wounds on the hands and arms

Postmortem Examination: Kevin Gilmore

External Examination:

The body is that of a well-developed, well-nourished twenty-year-old white male measuring 73" in length and weighing 190 lbs. Rigor mortis is resolved. Livor mortis is present and fixed on the left side of the body. The hair is short and medium brown. The irides are green. The nose is fractured. The ears are unremarkable. The teeth are natural. The chest is symmetrical. The abdomen is flat. The external genitalia are unremarkable. The upper and lower extremities show no deformities. There are contusions and abrasions on the face, upper extremities and feet. Skin is dry.


Clothing includes blue jeans, size 33/32; blue hooded Ole Miss Basketball sweatshirt, size L, black short-sleeved t-shirt, size L; white socks and sneakers, size 12; and white underwear. A small amount of debris visually consistent with sawdust or wood dust was observed on the clothing. Samples were collected and submitted to the State Crime Lab for analysis.

Evidence of Injury:

Contusions throughout the orbital area consistent with aftereffects of nasal fracture, appear reddish-purple in color and antemortem.

Abrasions and contusion to the left cheek area consistent with moderate blunt force trauma, appear reddish-purple in color and antemortem.

Nasal fracture is unhealed and antemortem.

Contusions on the upper arms consistent with finger marks from medium to large hands, appear reddish purple in color and antemortem.

Abrasions and contusions on the lower arms consistent with defensive wounds, appear reddish purple in color and antemortem.

Abrasions and contusions on the hands and torn fingernails consistent with grabbing or clawing at a hard surface, appear reddish purple in color and antemortem. A reddish-brown residue is present on the fingers.

Contusions on the soles of the feet consistent with blunt force trauma, appear reddish purple in color and antemortem.

Internal Examination:

All organs are present in their usual anatomical sites and relationships. Body cavities are dry. The musculoskeletal system and subcutaneous tissue are anatomic. The lungs show no evidence of congestion. The pulmonary arteries are free of thromboemboli. There is no evidence of significant atherosclerosis. The gastrointestinal system, hepatobiliary system and hemolymphatic system are free of anomaly. The stomach is empty. The urinary bladder is empty. The male genital system is anatomic and shows no lesions or injuries.


Representative portions of various organs are preserved in 10% formaldehyde and placed in two labeled storage containers.


blood ethanol: none
urine drugs: N/A
vitreous: glucose 223 mg/dL

Samples of cardiac chamber blood is submitted for additional toxicologic analysis.


A sample of intracardiac blood is submitted in an EDTA tube.


Death of this twenty-year-old male is attributed to complications of diabetes exacerbated by dehydration. Manner of death is undetermined.

//T. Sweeney, M.D.



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  • How do you want to write a theory without a motive and evidence in the first place!? :P

  • Oh my, you'd be surprised at what the mind can think up! :-)

  • Do we know what the room was used for back in 87? Whoever closed up that door almost had to have something to do with the murder. I mean, would you close up a room and not go into it first to see if anything was in there? they would have seen the note!! I really think we need some more clues. :-)

  • I had a thought, what if the killer(s) wanted somebody to find the room? I mean, they could have been beating kevin up, and forced him to write that note. Maybe thats why kevin didn't write the full name of the person. The killer(s) could have done it for a cruel joke.
    Another thought, RB could have been a nickname for someone he borrowed money from, as kevin was always borrowing money from people and not paying them back. What if he only knew the initials of the person, so that was the best he could do? I think we need to look into where he borrows money from, and see if anyone has any connections with ANYONE with the initials or nickname RB

  • I meant carved/ cut into the door, not write

  • Another possibility is that RB could be an abbreviation for a group of some sort, or (probably less likely but still possible), the last or first initials of two different people, though I'd think he would have spent the time to write + or something in that case. I'd like to know if anyone who worked for the Physical Plant in 1987 or shortly before that had the initials or nickname of RB. I'd also like to know if anyone who worked there at that time had a criminal history of any sort, especially involving pot. One other possibility, though I think it's probably way off base, is that RB stands for running back. It's a big football school we're talking about, and it's possible (albeit unlikely) that Kevin didn't know the killer(s) names but knew that one of them was a current or former running back on the football team. Maybe those behind the room used football players as muscle? Like I said, that idea is way out there, but I figured it couldn't hurt to throw it out there.

  • Reddish brown liquid and saawdust? It sounds like the person he was working with was working on the construction site becase from the evidence gathered it sounds like some of the materials are present in a construction site, architect workshop or caprpenters workshop. (excuse mistakes my keyboard is playing up). If anything, it sounds like there was a brawl on the construction site with most likely a man because the autopsy report states that the hand was medium to large size. Although again this is an assumption based on a theory that women have smaller hands than men.

    Quick question, how does a body react to a diabetes complicaition? How would the person (diabetic) be acting and how is the complication sually resolved or made worse?

  • Contusions on the upper arms consistent with finger marks from medium to large hands, appear reddish purple in color and ante mortem

    is there a mold or print analysis available on what made the arm marks i would think that someone carrying a body would leave distinctive finger prints behind

    Ante mortem is prior to death

  • Poor Kevin, being without his insulin is what killed him, but whoever locked him in that room and beat him is really the guilty one that caused his death. Do you think there were more than one person involved?

  • Has anyone tried to post a comment in the Forums area? There are four Topics, but no responses. I'm just trying to find out if it's working. Thanks.

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