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Buzz Dakota is an eccentric, 79-year-old Caucasian male, who came forward to voluntarily provide information he believed to be pertinent to the Kevin Gilmore homicide investigation. The interview was conducted at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff’s Department and was recorded with the witness’s knowledge and consent.


  • Detective Ted Armstrong
  • Buzz Dakota

The transcript is available to Detectives. Please log in or subscribe now to view.

  • As with his other interview, I think there's something to what Buzz saw. I'd follow up with various students at the college either now or then to see if any of them had heard rumors of bad things happening to people who got too close to the pot farm and the details of those rumors. Maybe someone else has seen or heard something that could at least indicate what type(s) of people were with Kevin that night (Physical Plant Employees, Juke Joint Employees, both, neither, etc.). I really think there was likely some sort of drug ring being rung there, and it'd make a lot of sense if at least one Physical Plant Employee was involved (to allow access to the lab and the hidden room).

  • You're right. Even though Buzz has a mental illness doesn't mean he isn't helpful. So it looks like Kevin was a dealer or a drug taker or both and got into a brawl. Everything you said makes sense. No one could have gotten into the room unless they were an employee and that room could have been used in certain times of the day to hide drugs.

  • The government agents will get you

  • I have a theory in development, where Buzz here is telling something that actually happened. But the aliens were Rhonda and Buzz, found out about the marijuana Kevin was going to sell, they wanted him to give it back and do the right thing, they argued, somehow got into a fight, Butch knew about a secret room where they could hide the body, then Rhonda had a change of heart, dropped him off on the lawn outside so that his death would be discovered. The took the marijuana, sell it and .. she could finally divorce her husband, and he could divorce his wife, buy their dreams! So if you could ask the detectives to check if Buzz might have heard a feminine "alien" voice from the three of them ...

  • Also, if my primary theory was incorrect, and Kevin did in fact carve the sentence on the wall then it could very well be R.B. Rhonda and Butch.

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