Footwear comparison

Fontaine shoe print comparisonFootwear impressions were made from shoes collected through search warrants and were compared to the unidentified shoe prints from the crime scene.

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    According to this, Flores couldn't be the killer. His shoes size is a nine

  • If Benito was at the Fontaine house he went there with Grant. I remember reading in 2012 the reason Philip was slow to react with his gun was because he was dealing with his son. And if Grant was involved then Ashley is involved also. Both Grant and Ashley knew about the $15,000. And Grant would have told Benito about the money, and that he would pay him the money he owed for his drug debt. The money could have been to pay farmer Franklin but Grant wanted it to pay his drug debt and Philip was killed in the confrontation.

  • Wait!!! , Ashley Fontaine said she came the same time and entered the house with Grant Fontaine in the time of the murder , in her questioning!? did she lie? what is she Hiding?! , Benito Flores said in the court he saw the door ajar , and when he entered he only saw Grant Fontaine exiting the house in a hurry when Benito Flores entered the kitchen he saw Philip Fontaine laying on the kitchen floor wounded and bleeding , Ashley Fontaine is somehow covering Evidence/something with a sinister agenda , could it be that Grant Fontaine was unstable emotionally and was on a narcotic intoxication when he committed the murder , Benito went bazooka when he entered the house and saw Philip Fontaine dieing , and in the process massed up the murder scene with his evidence trails ALL OVER.

  • I think the print was a plant, because we normally walk heel to toe, yet little to no heel print. Unless of course there was only blood on the front part of the shoe. Either way it's food for thought.

  • I like your thinking Shuli, makes sense.

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