evidence-alibichart**Member-Exclusive** YCSD investigators have compiled this summary of the witnesses' alibis and the results of attempts to corroborate them.

evidence-timeline**Member-Exclusive** YCSD investigators have compiled this timeline of events for the night of the murder based on witness statements.


The items listed were taken into evidence during execution of a search warrant for Carter Nichols' residence and vehicle.


The items listed were taken into evidence during execution of a search warrant for Cody Matthews residence.

evidence-inventory-allThe items listed were taken into evidence during execution of a search warrant for Arthur Beck's residence, property and vehicle.

evidence-forensic-results2This report summarizes the preliminary findings of forensic analysis on evidence recovered at the Kimberly Pace crime scene.

evidence-forensic-bloodPreliminary forensic findings on analysis of items taken into evidence during the Beck, Matthews and Nichols searches.

evidence-death-2ndDetectives Armstrong and Murphy got a surprise when they went to arrest their suspect for the murder of Kimberly Pace.

evidence-journalYCSD investigators recovered a journal from the residence of the suspect in Kimberly Pace's murder.


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