On July 14, 2011, a 911 caller reported a suspicious finding at the Physical Plant Shops and Stores building on the University of Mississippi campus.


CSU provided a preliminary inventory of the evidence they collected from the hidden room that was discovered in the Shops and Stores building on the Ole Miss campus.

Medical ID Bracelet

Selected photos from the hidden room scene in the Physical Plant Shops and Stores building.

Incident Report 1987

At approximately 7:13 a.m., a 911 caller reported a dead body on the side of Hathorn Road, south of Creekmore Blvd. An Ole Miss Physical Plant employee made the discovery.

autopsy400This report summarizes the Coroner's findings in the postmortem examination of Kevin Gilmore, including cause of death.

CASEMEMOIn 1988, the detectives wrote a memo to the Gilmore case file regarding the status of the investigation.

timeline-400Detectives Nelson and Anderson used witness statements to develop a timeline of Kevin Gilmore's movements in the days before his death.

alibichartYCSD personnel tried to verify the whereabouts of potential suspects on the night Kevin Gilmore was last seen alive.

hidden room sketchA diagram showing the locations of items in the hidden room.

evidence-room-analysis-400The State Crime Lab performed preliminary tests on the evidence collected from the hidden room discovered in the Shops and Stores building.

contract-400James Mason made his copy of the 1988 Juke Joint sale contract available to YCSD investigators.

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