Jared Plunk, Elvis expertFreelance journalist and Elvis Presley expert Jared Plunk was allegedly about to reveal game-changing secrets about Elvis, but he was killed before he could.

yvonne-boydYvonne Boyd, YCCC Accommodation Manager, discovered Jared Plunk's body and called 911. She knew Jared well and identified him to detectives at the scene.


Alison Plunk had been married to the victim for nearly two decades at the time of his murder. She was initially attracted to Jared by his knowledge of music.

Max Snyder

Lifelong Elvis fan Max Snyder grew up in the King's hometown of Tupelo, Mississippi. Max moved to Oxford to attend Ole Miss, where he is now a professor.

Kelly Bradley

Kelly Bradley is a senior at Ole Miss, studying music and accounting.

Sonya Davis

Sonya Davis became an Elvis fan as a teenager and is a sought-after speaker at Elvis fan gatherings around the country.

Lindsey Snyder

Lindsey Snyder is married to the conference organizer, Max Snyder. She helped him with the planning and financing for the event.

Joy Davis

Joy Davis was Peter Davis' sister and a longtime Elvis fan and memorabilia collector. She passed away in December 2012.

Peter Davis

Peter Davis' wife, Sonya, and his sister, Joy, both allegedly suffered as a result of Jared Plunk's actions.

Carl WarrenCarl Warren first observed Elvis Presley's power via his now-wife when they were dating. Together, they founded the Elvis Faithful for fellow admirers.

Rose Pearson, Elvis tribute artist

Rose Marie Pearson is a lifelong Elvis fan and sometimes performs as an Elvis tribute artist.

Quentin Evans, conference attendee

Quentin Evans' daughter was a devoted Elvis fan until her dying day. Quentin and his wife, Mollie, still haven't recovered from the loss.

Taylor Boyd, victim's former partner and cuckold

Taylor Boyd is a journalism professor and Elvis fan. He and Jared Plunk were once business partners and co-authors of an unpublished book about the King.

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