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21 [New Case] A possible occult ritual? Human remains in a bucket? That's bad juju. 01 May 2014
22 What charges should Jerry Shaw's killer face? 23 April 2014
23 Do you know who killed Jerry Shaw? 16 April 2014
24 Another scandal at the nursing home?! Is it related to Jerry Shaw's murder? 09 April 2014
25 Does what we've learned about Jerry Shaw tell us who killed him? 02 April 2014
26 It's official. The coroner says Jerry Shaw's death was... 26 March 2014
27 Not everyone liked Jerry Shaw. Did that have anything to do with his death? 19 March 2014
28 [New case] Employee's body found behind nursing home 12 March 2014
29 [Case Closed] The suspect confessed ... sort of 04 March 2014
30 Is Ryan Rand on the run or another victim? 19 February 2014
31 Will forensics lead to Cameron & Caitlin's killer? 13 February 2014
32 Cameron & Caitlin Maxwell found, but what happened to them? 06 February 2014
33 Was the anonymous tip about the cemetery a wild goose chase? 29 January 2014
34 We let the dogs out. What did they find? 17 January 2014
35 [New case] Olympic hopefuls missing. Help investigate the case. 09 January 2014
36 It's the final day of our scavenger hunt, but there's still time to play and win prizes 03 January 2014
37 [New event] Solve the clues, find the answers, and win 27 December 2013
38 Do you know who killed Diane Coates? The detectives think they do. 18 December 2013
39 Did one of Diane Coates' secrets lead to her death? 11 December 2013
40 [New Case] Foul play or natural causes? 04 December 2013

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