Rhonda PendergrassRhonda Pendergrass was a waitress at The Juke Joint at the time Kevin Gilmore worked there in 1987. Now she owns the restaurant and has for almost 23 years.

Jason Finnegan 2011Jason Finnegan was once a promising student athlete at Ole Miss. Within a year of Kevin Gilmore's death, Jason's prospects had dimmed significantly.

JT PendergrassJT Pendergrass was married to ex-wife Rhonda for 15 years, including during the period that Kevin Gilmore died. They have been divorced for more than 20 years.

James MasonJames Mason opened The Juke Joint and ran it for many years, employing many Ole Miss students including Kevin Gilmore. Mason sold the place to Rhonda Pendergrass in 1988.

Butch WeaverClarence "Butch" Weaver worked for the UM Physical Plant department for more than 30 years and recently retired.

Sue Weaver PerrySue Weaver Perry was married to Butch Weaver at the time Kevin Gilmore died.

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