Construction worker Charley Jacobs is known as honest and hardworking. He found the hidden room while on a break during the Shops and Stores building renovations.

Kevin GilmoreOn December 13, 1987, a maintenance worker found Kevin Gilmore's body dumped alongside a road in the southwest corner of the Ole Miss campus.

Tomas RobardsMaintenance worker Tomas Robards was on his way to work an extra shift on Sunday, December 13, 1987, when he found the body of a young man along Hathorn Road.

Nick Crosby 1987Ole Miss sophomore Nick Crosby is estranged from his family and lives in Oxford year-round. He has been fellow scholarship athlete Kevin Gilmore's roommate for the last two years.

Carly Brock 198720-year-old native Oxonian Carly Brock couldn't spend much time with her boyfriend, Kevin Gilmore, due to their busy schedules, so she cherished the times they did have together.

Judith Gilmore 1987Judith Gilmore, who is estranged from her own parents, doted on her only son, Kevin, and was extremely proud when he earned an athletic scholarship to Ole Miss.

Donald Gilmore 1987Donald Gilmore has worked hard all his life to make ends meet. He was thrilled when his son Kevin got a scholarship for college because Donald couldn't afford to send him.

Richie Turner 1987Richie Turner met Kevin Gilmore playing baseball, and the two soon became fast friends. Richie was a year ahead of Kevin in school, and Kevin followed his lead to Ole Miss.

Jason Finnegan 1987Jason Finnegan played on the Ole Miss basketball team with Kevin Gilmore for two years. They were competing for the starting point guard position and did not get along.

Carly Brock Turner, 2011Carly Brock was Kevin Gilmore's girlfriend at the time of his death. Today, she is a wife and mother of two, and she works as a registered nurse in Oxford.

bio-richie.turner.2011.400Richie Turner was Kevin Gilmore's best friend. After Kevin's death, Richie and Kevin's girlfriend Carly grew closer. Today, Richie has an accounting business in Oxford.

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