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Mystery Writing Contest
Solve the Case of, "Spontaneous Combustion or Murder?"

We asked viewers to show us their creative talents by writing a short whodunit. Viewers reviewed the official Incident Report and the pictures of the crime scene, and then told us what happened in 500 words or less. There is no "correct" answer.

You are invited to view the entries and cast your vote. Prizes will be awarded November 7, 2003 to the top-rated theories.

View the winning theories:
Top Theory winners receive a $10 gift certificate and Finalist winners receive a $5 gift certificate for use in the Crime Scene store. Contact for prize redemption.
Top Theories: Rated by viewers as favorites.
Whodunit Entry Author
Carved in Stone Jeffrey
The Second Time Fyonna
In the death of Mildred Shegog Det. Scarpetta
One way or another, those cigarettes will get you Maggie
Old Lady Shegog Poem NinetyNine
A case of Spontaneous Human Combustion Det. Heatherondo

Finalist Theories: These entries were selected by our writing staff for entry in this contest.
Whodunit Entry Author
Phonenix Rising Anon
Turf Wars Claire
Andy Shegog did it! TFE
TRICK, OR TREAT? The Admiral
Mildred had been hitting the bottle Scarlett
We RIP What We Sow Det_tiara
Trick or Treat ... or Murder? NZgal
Granny's Smothered Candycorn Det. Jerdee
He didn't mean it! Sarge
Never Judge A Book By Its Cover Sarge
Auntie BBQ Crisp Josiekats
Candy Corn and Spontaneous Combustion Detective Cmread
Poor Mildred, Up In Smoke Lookinghigh
FAMILY SECRETS Andy, The Analyzer