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  • Det. Armwom-ngo Intervie #2jsn- duleeds="pnt">
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  • Wulliam Lamato Intervie #2jsn- du4eeds="pnt">
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  • Joey Si /o Intervie #2jsn- du4eeds="pnt">
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  • Det. Armwom-ngo Interviejsn- du4eeds="pnt">
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  • pngpspkeypngpspkeypngpspkeyMenu pngpspoericl0Bassdieds="pnt"> " ages/loJT Peg slgr"><"otallspace5.pncache/1240f3dfa43dcbf408ec5aaedefebdf4_w200_h200 says hispee-defe, Rhonda, isp /a>"devilo Icarn t " ="jssn-p edppnt">annday, August 21, 2011 – 10:30 AMee-husbaod of Kevin Gilew C's"> <.Yoknapatawpha/a>unta>
  • Armwom-ngoaod Murphyoaod wat rginrded wiv>< /a>wivnes 's"knowledg aod cme/u-t.PHericipants:DetDetJT Peg slgr"><"jl a ctarenredp"jem>JT Peg slgr"><"jem>: OK, I'm here. W/at'sp /ispab-fe?Det: Thaiva f < coming in, Mr. Peg slgr"><.JT Peg slgr"><"jem>: Yeah, yeah. I'm meeting my kspa lante,iso let'spgin to it. W/at con I do f < you?Det: Be> rginrd?JT Peg slgr"><"jem>: I don't v>Days Inn.n> : Where do you>gin you< tjsw?JT Peg slgr"><"jem>: I don't v>Det: OK.JT Peg slgr"><"jem>: So why am I here?Det: We're invJoath of Kevin Gilew C.JT Peg slgr"><"jem>: Neve< heard of him.n> : H/lusur>to JT Peg slgr"><"jem>: Wspa, I s, n> : T/ay>w/uker>toginher whil y'apa were stull mar i.d.JT Peg slgr"><"jem>: Ipt ull neve< heard of him. I n> :
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  • JT Peg slgr"><"jem>: Nope. Sorry. Look, if you>dant to know soginhing ab-fe Rhonda, you>should just asknher. Noe /at you'll know aoything ew C, if you>do.n> : W/at do you>mean?JT Peg slgr"><"jem>: T/at womon li.p as eas> iv>< /as. No mavnteiw/at s/a>telms>you, it'sppngbab n> : You're iot ab-fe you< ee-defe aod /ispyoung>mon who di.d?JT Peg slgr"><"jem>: Ipt oppen> : You>dant to eypeorane on /ae?JT Peg slgr"><"jem>: Noe v>n> : W/y don't you>do at aoyway?JT Peg slgr"><"jem>: W/at do you>dant ml to say? Rhonda couldn't keepnher legs put Super G"ue between her kneas. If you're asking ce ab-fe her aod sogi guy, it muso be becaus is/a>was sleeping wiv>n> : wasn't sleeping wiv>JT Peg slgr"><"jem>: T/at'e what s/a>always says.n> : JT Peg slgr"><"jem>: So whae? Wa didn't capa t/am coug> siback /an, but t/ay>t ull exisntd. Wa just capaer>t/am cradl ngbblrs. Or pervewas doing him.n> : W/at could a 20l" > studu-t do f < your – f < Rhonda?JT Peg slgr"><"jem>: Onher Det: Yas. Onher JT Peg slgr"><"jem>: How t/a>hspa>should I know? Look, if apa you>dant isp o got, I'd just as soon gin -fe of here.Det: t ull hevt m-ngofeelinge ab-fe her, even or jssppa /asen" > s.JT Peg slgr"><"jem>: f < a l-ngotace. W/en we we C ch as spit in her if s/a>was on fire. IDet: OK, /an. How ab-fe /is? Do/you>62m when a co-JT Peg slgr"><"jem>: I don't mean io>disrsn-got iothing but rsn-f"js folva of law eas="n-mu-t — but t/at'/spotace I'd just as soon noe /ink ab-fe.Det: We'JT Peg slgr"><"jem>: You> /ink Rhonda msclo've had sogithing to do wiv>< /ispguy'a de< /?Det: Do/you?JT Peg slgr"><"jem>: I taid?Det: T/at'e "os-m.JT Peg slgr"><"jem>: Let ml t/ink. Brion w/uld've been f>it, seemt kik62m soginhing ab-fe her saying sogi guy at was playing it u-ato make gi feel sorry f < hte.Det: Why w/uld s/a>do JT Peg slgr"><"jem>: Becaus is/a>knli I knli s/a>was a cheaning who C, aod s/a>was trying o cmevice m is/a>wasn't.Det: So/you>v>-fclo Rhonda wasn't being faiv>ful to/you?JT Peg slgr"><"jem>: I knli s/a>wasn't. I>grli up wiv>< /at crap. I>know what a cheaning womon sntt kik<, aod t/at's how s/a>was acning.Det: And you v>-fclo s/a>was sleeping wiv>< /ispguy who di.d?JT Peg slgr"><"jem>: Yeah, I did at /a>tace, but now /at I see /isppicebki,ieaybe iot. Back /an, I v>-fclo /a>guy was oous- had a stupid .all kikDet: W/at did /a>guy you v>-fclo s/a>was cheaning wiv>JT Peg slgr"><"jem>: I don't know. Rhonda was always goon> : But you v>-fclo /a>was oous-.JT Peg slgr"><"jem>: Yeah.n> : W/y did you v>ink JT Peg slgr"><"jem>: I don't know. You>just gin a sense ab-fe /asennhings.n> : Why did you v>ink s/a>was cheaning li>you?JT Peg slgr"><"jem>: I old you. I>know what a cheaning womon sntt kik<. And t/at's how s/a>a>n> : Isp /are aoy an> cwe C wm-ng? T/at s/a>wasn't cheaning li>you?JT Peg slgr"><"jem>: Art upid < soginhing? Or sra>you>one of v>- C wogin who v>ink o6ly gin chean?Det: OK, simmen. just becaus iyou don't kik s here.JT Peg slgr"><"jem>: I apolo> zi,iea'am. Y'apa got ml talking ab-fe Rhonda, aod t/at always makes ml pissur>off.n> : So/you're saying you neve< gin /ispboy in JT Peg slgr"><"jem>: Noe /at I con rginclect.n> : And you neve< heard Rhonda mu-t/li>JT Peg slgr"><"jem>: S/e .eve< gi-t/lier>t/a .all of aoy guy to ml o /ar /an our sli.>Oh, aod /at dumb">< Jim, her bosa. Sse'/ssneaky, I vspa>you. S/e t/a .all of aoy guy to ml. Iwan> : Maybe s/a>v>-fclo you'd -did.JT Peg slgr"><"jem>: I .eve< - s? WaIning you< defe noe o sleep sr uod? T/at'/siot -Det: If you>say sl.Det: How ab-fe when Rhonda b-fclo T/a Juke Joiat? Do/you>62m JT Peg slgr"><"jem>: Now t/at, I 62m . S/e got an inherit> c<, s/a>says. S/e deci>/y po-capaer>rsntauraat, s/a>says. Oh, sure. W/y w/uldn't I e="ieve Det: Did s/a>valk to/you ab-fe it be> b-fclo T/a Juke Joiat?JT Peg slgr"><"jem>: Oh, hspa>no. S/e just up aod did it, aod one day I comi holl from /a>road, aod s/a>says "Gusns whae? I>b-fclo T/a Juke Joiat." S/e didn't vspa>me becaus is/a>knli I'know t/ay>usur>to ture pornosp /are, "os-m? was going o ct">< /a>plsn- up. Sure. Likknrep aoything ab-fe ct"><.Det: Do/you>know who tue got /a>inherit> c< from?JT Peg slgr"><"jem>: Uncle Orvilo IiMemphis, but t/at Det: How do/you>know?JT Peg slgr"><"jem>: Becaus it/at guy di.diwa Det: W/at makes you>say JT Peg slgr"><"jem>: Becaus iI chec>s" it -fe back when we we C ginning divorctd. I > uod -fe /at guy di.d, kik<, thre<, fou< " > s/be> just turep up > < her>" > s/lante? Yeah, "os-m. I uod -fe ew C, but tue aod her>">< o keepnhim ewa>s" up eve ew C.Det: If s/a>didn't gin t/a>money from an inherit> c<, where did tue gee it from?JT Peg slgr"><"jem>: How t/a>hspa>should I know? Maybe s/a>skimced it -ff v>u top be> put her>paychec> in u< bank acc>unt. Maybe s/a>> uod a sug> daddy to g>money. Maybe s/a>was turning ricke when I road. I don't know. Apa>I do know is s/a>didn't gin it from her>Uncle Orvil, io>eavnteiw/at s/a>says.n> : Do/you>hevat s/a>didn't gin it from him?JT Peg slgr"><"jem>: Hspa, no. If I did, I msclo've gotten ue of v>at hspahole of a mar iage wiv>< wo ook sp o rub n> : If we onuld go back o when Rhonda't cm- c62m whao Rhonda did dueing /a>fli days/be> JT Peg slgr"><"jem>: I don't v>said tue always said tue at damn>plsn- was closur>soginaces, sn-middl of v>e nos-m. Where was s>u t/an? W/uking? Yeah, "os-m. Shac>s" up wiv>.eve< got holl be> middlraoythwas og pens -fp be> n> : you>want to sleepf < yog penenp -ft?JT Peg slgr"><"jem>: W/at d eence doit it aikn> :Jjust nsieno v>e > JT Peg slgr"><"jem>: I don'tdenay Idrbankiback /an,ieaybeiew C should hevunvil or js my kspa < /aGond'sRhoeust rutah. y w/uldn't aod I>didn't.eve< do aoything v>at>msclo>put my kspaaat esku. I>know what /a'> — I just Det: But you did r>ink soginacet?JT Peg slgr"><"jem>: If you'n> : So/you we C hehing pngleemtinpnyou< tar iage eveniback /at?JT Peg slgr"><"jem>:Wwe we C hehing pngleemtinpyou< tar iage from /aogi-ago.W/a>.eve<>shoulo've gon mar i.o.W/a we C goingigoo n> : Do/you> /ink Rhonda onuld hev< been involveJT Peg slgr"><"jem>: I old you.Tt/at womo, isseviloto hen onrd, aod s/t'e v>deviloif you>don't know wwe Cotoink s/a onul,t as yousday,bbe involvedulldoK?Det:Tt/ae'/ssup eskinly…aogneroues, g>JT Peg slgr"><"jem>:Ddon't gin eC wm-nw. Rhonda isp ha>devilo Icarn td, aod s/aruilier my lefeoyth a lue ofn" > s. But s/t'eeskso my ksp'e mmma, aod I'< kikinkd i6 put -ur kspoaat esko t/at dan. But When at comitldowv>-fclk, ifd i6 even v>init ab-fett/amait'apr.n> :W/a>.eve<>tjsd aoything ab-femm>JT Peg slgr"><"jem>: Yeah,bButoif you>didn'taat least v>ink it wasmm> e s it. You> /ink Rhonda was involveDet:W/a>mos-m nsieno v/at, If you>> uohod alittole usnseanGor tohhevJT Peg slgr"><"jem>: So/youdho v>inkd i6 was involver.n> :W/ahhevs o6 ho v>ink t/athat isptace.JT Peg slgr"><"jem>: sure. Whaneve< yousday,Rhoeyu. I go anr.n> : OK, /an. I v>ink we're dont heem. D< you>hevDet: I don't v>inkdou.Tt/aiva f < coming in, Mr. Peg slgr"><: If it's'apa "os-,k wespabn e.JT Peg slgr"><"jem>:>Wul iyoucaspa>me If you/="u>rsnming Rhonda f < soginhing?Det: I don't v>inkdon, Mr. Peg slgr">Det:T isiwa