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Witness Interview:  Ursula Raines

Thursday, March 21, 2002, 12:15 p.m.

The witness was identified as the girlfriend of the victim's best friend.  She was interviewed at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department.  The interview was recorded on a portable audio tape recorder with the witness's knowledge and consent.

SM= Det. Sam Murphy
TA= Det. Ted Armstrong
UR= Ursula Raines

SM:  I know you've been processed and we have all that information.  But, for the record, please state your name and address:

UR:  Ursula Raines, 1458 Molly Barr Road.

SM:  And you are aware of why you've been arrested?

UR:  You think I had something to do with Andrea Stover's death.

TA:  And you deny it?

UR:  Absolutely. 

SM:  Are you a jealous woman, Ms. Raines?

UR:  No.

SM:  Did you once briefly date a girl who had to change her phone number in order to get you to leave her alone?

UR:  I have no idea why Katie changed her number.

TA:  Surely it wasn't anything to do with you, right?

UR:  Of course not.  Why would it?

SM:  Maybe the fact that you called her 42 times in the three days after your last date had something to do with it.

TA:  What is your response to that?

UR:  I don't have any response.

SM:  So if you won't answer that question, maybe you'll tell us how threatened you were by Ms. Stover's relationship with your girlfriend.

UR:  I've told you before that I trust my girlfriend.

TA:  But you've never said that you trusted Ms. Stover.  There's a difference.

UR:  Hell no I didn't trust Andrea.  But that doesn't matter.

SM:  We've been told that Ms. Stover and Ms. Doyle spent quite a while in a bar on the night of her death.  What did you feel about that?

TA:  I don't think I would like it very much if my girlfriend was spending several hours at a bar with an ex.

UR:  That's how you would respond.  I might respond differently.

SM:  Here's what I think, I think you followed them that night, saw them at the bar, and then confronted Ms. Stover afterwards.  And you pushed her off the catwalk and now you've got your girlfriend all to yourself.

UR:  That's quite a story, but untrue.

TA:  I'm still thinking about how mad I would be if my girl was cuddling up to her ex in a bar.  You sure that wouldn't make you mad?

SM:  It would make me mad if somebody I was seeing was kissing their ex in a bar.  We've talked to a couple of people who work at the lounge and they said--

UR:  That's a lie!

SM:   How do you know, Ms. Stover? 

UR:  It's just that, uh, I know Gretchen.  She wouldn't be kissing anyone.  She loves me! You're just searching here, you don't have any evidence.  You're trying to trap me.

TA: Ms. Raines, your car matches the description of a vehicle spotted near the crime scene. We found a locket like Ms. Stover's hidden in an empty bucket of paint in your garage. And your coat buttons match one we found near the body.

UR:  This is ridiculous! All of that is purely coincidental. They wouldn't allow that in court.

TA: You've been reading up, I take it?

UR: I'm not answering that.

SM: What about the fact that no one can verify your whereabouts the night of Ms. Stover's death?

UR: That does't mean anything. Sure, I left Gretchen's and took a drive. I don't have to pretend I was happy about our Sunday evening being ruined. But that doesn't mean I killed anyone. You have nothing to go on and you know it.

TA: I wouldn't call that nothing. And we expect forensics match the threads found at the scene; with the clothes you were wearing that night.

UR: You're wrong. And I'm not talking any more.  This interview is over until I can call my attorney.

TA: As you wish.

Interview ended 12:49 p.m.


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