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We are live at the crime scene in Oxford, Mississippi, where the body of Andrea Stover was found near Oxford's historic square early this morning by an employee arriving for work at the Oxford Centre. Oxford residents will remember Andrea Stover as the infamous director of the Oxtales Theatre company. She was convicted of disseminating sexually explicit material to minors in May 2000 as the result of one of Oxtales' most controversial productions, "Snopes." Oxford Mayor Claire Windham, claimed victory after Stover's conviction, saying the jury supported their contention that the Oxtales production was not art but pornography trying to gain legitimacy under the umbrella of art.

Andrea Stover had recently completed her 18-month prison sentence and returned to Oxford, where she was registered as a sex offender, as required by state law. Stover had also returned to her position as director of Oxtales Theatre and was reportedly working on a new production, which promised to be as controversial as the one that sent her to jail. Stay tuned to Action News for more details on this breaking story. Live at the crime scene, I'm Penelope Young for Channel 12 Action News.